When AI Shashi Tharoor interviewed MP Shashi Tharoor

In a captivating turn of events at the Mathrubhumi International Literary Festival, viewers were treated to a unique encounter as an AI-generated replica of Shashi Tharoor took on the role of interviewer, engaging the real-life MP himself in a dialogue that blurred the lines between reality and technology. Here is what transpired at this engrossing encounter:

Human and AI Face-Off

The AI-generated Tharoor, which was amazingly fully equipped with the MP’s language and style, posed questions prepared in advance, seamlessly integrating with the real Tharoor in a video that left viewers astounded. The conversation delved into various topics, including the Motherland International Literary Festival, the nuances of multi-tonality, and the perils of deepfakes, showcasing both the advancements and potential dangers of technology as well as its immense potential.

“Surprised when you first learned that an artificial intelligence model like myself could engage in conversations?” asked AI Shashi Tharoor. “Yeah, sure, I was surprised… it’s somewhat interesting, definitely, but it’s also slightly troubling,” replied the real Tharoor.

When asked by his AI doppelganger about the role of digital platforms in shaping public opinion and the challenges and opportunities they present, he responded, “Digital media has evolved since I first entered that space. Initially, it was a small community of genuine individuals exchanging ideas. But as the numbers grew, organised elements entered social media, diluting the value of genuine opinion shaping.”

Tharoor’s Reflections

During the interview, Shashi Tharoor said, “It is a pleasure to talk to you. Did you ever expect that ‘Shashi Tharoor’ would interview you?” This exchange epitomised the surreal nature of the encounter, where the boundaries between human and AI interaction became increasingly indistinguishable.

Tharoor’s insightful commentary shed light on the competitive environment of success and failure in the Indian context, resonating with the audience’s experiences and societal pressures. He emphasised the importance of acknowledging failure as an integral part of the journey toward success, challenging the conventional narrative of success as the ultimate goal.

As the interview concluded, Tharoor expressed gratitude to the organisers and the audience, highlighting the collaborative effort behind such engaging events. The seamless integration of technology and human intellect showcased the limitless possibilities of AI in facilitating meaningful conversations and expanding the horizons of human interaction.

The encounter between Shashi Tharoor and his AI doppelganger served as a testament to the evolving landscape of technology and its impact on society. As the boundaries between reality and artificial intelligence continue to blur, such encounters prompt reflection on the implications and possibilities of human-AI collaboration in shaping the future.

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