WhatsApp introduces search-by-date feature; find messages based on specific date now

WhatsApp is rolling out multiple features to further enhance the chat experience for users. Now, to make searching conversation easier, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature called “search-by-date”, enabling users to find messages based on specific dates. This way users can easily find important information they have shared that they want to use again, but cannot remember the exact phrase. The WhatsApp search-by-date feature can be found in individual as well as in group chats.

WhatsApp search-by-date feature

Mark Zuckerberg shared a post on his official WhatsApp channel showcasing how the search-by-date feature works. In the video post, he shared how he found an old chat about Karaoke by selecting a date. According to a Tech Crunch report, the search-by-date feature is now available on Android devices, iOS, Mac and WhatsApp Web. Users can search conversations by media type, such as links, media, and documents, directly from the conversation detail page. This feature will provide users with easy navigation to search for specific confirmations. If they remember the date, they can easily find any chat from group and individual conversations.

To use WhatsApp’s search-by-date feature simply open any personal or group chat and in the top right corner you will find three dots, tap on it and locate “Search.” Then on the right side, you will be able to see the new calendar icon, from there you can select a date of your choice to find any conversation, links, media, and documents.

WhatsApp is also reported to be working on several other features “Chat Filters” and “Favorites” which will allow users to quickly find starred messages.

Over the last few months, the WhatsApp user experience has been enhanced dramatically with new features and improvements. And it is interesting to note the new features the company brings to meet the modern day requirements of its users. But first, try out the new WhatsApp search-by-date feature and see how it benefits you.

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