Video, audio calling features coming to X on iPhones first, but you will have to pay

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of X (formerly Twitter), the platform has been going through a myriad of changes. From the removal of legacy verification and the introduction of X Premium to the big rebranding campaign, the Twitter chief is certainly not holding back from bringing his dream of making X a “global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities” to reality. While the microblogging platform offers multiple ways through which users can connect with each other, such as DMs and Spaces, now it is set to rival FaceTime with video and audio calling features. This functionality could arrive soon on the platform, according to a new code seen on X app. And most importantly, it will come at a cost. Yes, likely for premium subscribers.

X to get video, audio calling features

In an X post, Elon Musk announced that “Video & audio calls coming to X. Works on iOS, Android, Mac & PC. No phone number needed. X is the effective global address book. That set of factors is unique.” This feature is similar to the in-app calling feature that Facebook has for its Messenger platform. While no tentative launch date for the same was announced, a recent code found in the X app for iPhone has revealed that it could come soon.

In a code seen by code diver @aaronp613, it has been revealed that X could soon bring video and audio calling features that would rival apps like FaceTime. However, it will reportedly be a premium feature available only to those who subscribe to X Premium, as per an iMore report. A string in the code states, “Audio and video calls are a premium feature. Subscribe to get access.” As of now, the presence of this feature has only been reported for iPhone users since it was spotted in the code of the X app for iPhone, but it is expected to offer cross-platform functionality.

What about security?

Since these video and audio calls on X won’t require a phone number, the question of encryption arises. A user had commented on Musk’s post, asking about the same. Musk replied, “Not at first, but we will add the ability to turn encryption on or off dynamically. There is necessarily a slight lag for encryption. Most of the time, encryption isn’t important and quality of call is better”.

At a time when platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and more, offer fully-encrypted calling, could the lack of it put off users from using video and audio calling on X? And what about paying for the service? That is a bummer, indeed!

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