Threads posts on Facebook? Check what’s happening now at Meta

Since the day of its launch, Meta’s latest addition to its social media apps i.e. Threads, is continuously in the news. First due to its amazing initial popularity and then the quickly receding user count. Worryingly, for Meta, after the grand launch and increase in the number of Threads users, the excitement quickly slowed down after some time. There was a huge reduction in the number of active users on the platform. Since then, Meta has been rolling out useful updates and now, it is looking to promote it in other ways too in order to amplify the number of active users on the platform.

Recently it looks to have silently unveiled a new growth strategy by integrating Threads posts with Facebook. This move is designed to expand Threads’ reach and elevate user engagement, as it allows content from Threads to be shared on the ever-popular social media platform, Facebook.

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Threads- Facebook integration

According to a report by TechCrunch, in the past 24 hours, multiple users have observed a new addition in the form of a “For You on Threads” carousel within the Facebook app. Notably, Meta had introduced a similar carousel feature for Instagram users back in August. However, they had not officially disclosed whether this move had any significant impact on Threads’ engagement until now.

Other updates

Threads has been actively rolling out improvements in the last 30 days. They introduced a free edit button, making it more convenient for users to fine-tune their posts. Additionally, they have made it easier to switch between accounts, a feature that is well-received by users with multiple profiles. Threads is also preparing to launch a Trending topics feature, promising to keep its user base engaged and informed.

A significant development on the horizon is Meta’s plan to introduce a separate account deletion feature for Threads, which is expected to be operational by December. Currently, users can only deactivate their Threads accounts. This move shows that Meta is continuously trying to enhance user control and privacy on its platforms.

Threads competitor X platform offers a premium subscription priced at $8 per month, with the coveted edit button as one of its perks. Recently, X initiated an experiment, introducing a $1 per year fee for new accounts in New Zealand and the Philippines, aimed at curbing spam and bot activity on the platform. While Threads offers its features for free, it does have certain limitations. One notable drawback is its limited ability to disseminate news, as not all news sources are actively posting breaking news on the platform.

Threads’ integration with Facebook represents a strategic step forward in expanding its user base and engagement. As it faces competition from platforms like X and evolving policies on news amplification, Threads continues to adapt and innovate to meet the demands of its users. However, will it ever be able to beat X is debatable despite the fact that owner Elon Musk has rolled out so many changes, that it no longer resembles the Twitter of old causing users to exit in droves.

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