Superhuman AI rolls out AI-powered Instant Reply feature; Get multiple drafts for every conversation

With the recent boom in artificial intelligence (AI), companies have been making efforts to incorporate this technology into their suite of services. Apart from legacy companies adopting AI, new AI applications have also emerged, aiming to make our lives easier. One such tool is Superhuman AI, which simplifies sending emails, making the process easier and more efficient. Now, Superhuman AI has rolled out a new feature called Instant Reply that further improves upon its capabilities, automatically drafting replies for your email.

Superhuman AI: What is it?

Superhuman is yet another AI-powered tool that enables users to generate quick and detailed emails in a matter of seconds. It has been developed in collaboration with OpenAI, the company behind the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. It carries a suite of AI features that “saves teams over 10 million hours every single year. And get 4 hours back every week”. With options like drafting emails, summarizing documents, translating languages and more, it is your email companion doing the heavy lifting.

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Instant Reply

The latest feature coming to Superhuman AI is called Instant Reply. It uses AI to generate draft replies for your emails automatically. The company says it presents 3 drafts for every conversation. These drafts are full replies and are precomputed, ready to be sent with just a tap or click. The feature comes after the introduction of the Auto Summarize feature and the rollout of Superhuman AI on iPhone and iPad.

Announcing this feature, Rahul Vohra, CEO of Superhuman said, “Imagine waking up to an inbox where every email has a draft reply. You would simply edit, then send. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even edit.”

The company says the Instant Reply feature matches the voice and tone in the emails you’ve already sent, applying that to everything it creates. If you’re using Superhuman AI, this feature will be available to you over the next few days.

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