Sun hurls out strongest solar flare since 2017, two other X-class flares! Know the solar storm danger

The current solar cycle is expected to peak this year, according to scientists. Consequently, we’ve seen an increase in the number as well as the intensity of solar phenomena such as solar flares, solar storms, CMEs and more. In a new incident, the Sun has hurled out as many as three solar flares towards Earth, and one of them is the strongest solar flare of the solar cycle 25! This poses a potential solar storm danger. Know details.

Solar storm danger

According to NASA, the Sun spewed out two solar flares just 7 hours apart yesterday, February 22. The first flare had an intensity of X-1.8, while the second one was recorded as an X-1.7 solar flare. However, just a few hours later, the worst solar flare of the three was hurled out. 

This solar flare was measured at X-6.3 in intensity. NASA says this X-class solar flare is the strongest seen in the solar cycle 25, and the most dangerous one recorded since 2017! It originated from the Sunspot AR3590. These solar flares raise a solar storm danger, which has the potential to wreak havoc on Earth, damaging electronics, causing radio disturbances and more.

X-class solar flares: Are they dangerous?

X-class solar flares can create radiation storms which have the potential to not only harm the satellites but also give small doses of radiation to the people flying in airplanes at the time! Moreover, these devastating flares can disrupt global communications and bring down the power grids to create blackouts.

If the X-class flares are too strong, they can result in loops that are ten times as big as Earth which leaps off the Sun’s surface as the magnetic fields cross over, according to NASA. When these loops reconnect, they can produce as much energy as a billion hydrogen bombs!

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