Microsoft Windows 11 update boosts Copilot, widgets, and more

Microsoft is introducing a wave of enhancements and new features for Windows 11 users, promising a more intuitive and efficient computing experience. Microsoft Windows 11 update highlights include significant improvements to Copilot, Widgets, and other AI-powered functionalities.

One of the standout additions is the expansion of Copilot’s capabilities, offering users greater control over their PCs. From enabling battery saver mode to managing accessibility features like Narrator or Magnifier, Copilot is set to become even more indispensable. Additionally, users can expect convenient features like displaying available Wi-Fi networks and managing storage space, The Verge reported.

Built-in Photos App Update

The built-in Photos app is also receiving a boost with the introduction of Generative Erase, a feature allowing users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from their photos. Furthermore, Clipchamp, Microsoft’s video editor, is gaining the ability to eliminate awkward silences from videos, thereby enhancing the overall editing experience.

Improvements to Widgets and Snap layouts are set to streamline multitasking and customization. Users can now disable the “Microsoft Start” feed in Widgets, and the Windows Widgets board will soon become interoperable, aligning with Microsoft’s commitment to the European Commission’s Digital Markets Act.

For those utilising Windows-powered tablets with styluses, the update introduces the ability to write directly into text boxes across the OS, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Enhancements extend to the built-in casting feature, providing users with notifications for casting suggestions and facilitating smoother connections with nearby displays.

Sharing content between devices is made easier with enhancements to Nearby Share, offering faster transfer speeds and the option to personalize PC names for easier recognition.

Accessibility receives a significant boost with the introduction of Voice Shortcuts, enabling users to automate tasks using voice commands. Additionally, improvements to the Narrator enhance the user experience for individuals with visual impairments.

While the update is rolling out gradually, users eager to access the latest features can expedite the process by enabling automatic updates in Windows Update. Looking ahead, Microsoft is gearing up for further changes to comply with the Digital Market Act in the European Union, promising increased user control and flexibility. With these updates, Microsoft continues to prioritise innovation and user experience, striving to empower users with cutting-edge technology and seamless functionality.

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