Microsoft Surface Event: From Copilot to Bing, know all the AI-linked announcements

Microsoft hosted its Surface Event 2023 in New York today where products such as Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Laptop Go 3 have just been unveiled. It was Microsoft’s first in-person event since the pandemic, but for some reason it is not being live-streamed, which is unusual for a tech company trying to generate hype for its services as well as hardware. In the last few years, one of Microsoft’s primary focuses has been on artificial intelligence (AI). Building upon the Microsoft Build Event 2023, Microsoft has announced several new AI features today.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took to the stage, highlighting two specific breakthroughs in AI – a new natural interface and reasoning engine, as per Tom’s Guide. These two changes have enabled computers to make sense of people, places, and things.

Check out all the AI announcements so far at the Microsoft Surface Event 2023.

1. Copilot

Several updates to Microsoft Copilot have been announced. First and foremost, it will be coming to all of Microsoft’s services as an AI companion – from Windows, and Bing to Office. “We believe Copilot will fundamentally transform our relationship with technology,” said Nadella, announcing the unified Copilot. In Windows 11, Copilot will not be introduced as a standalone app but will be integrated into the whole experience. This means all the different copilots on Microsoft apps will be available together in a seamless way for you to use. It will be released on Windows 11 on September 26.

2. Bing

The tech giant also announced that Bing AI is getting personalized results. This means that it will only show you results that are relevant to you. One of the most intriguing features is its ability to accept image inputs. In theory, you can show it a power adapter and it will tell you if it will work in another country or not. Bing AI in Edge will also help you find coupons when you are shopping. It will also help you find the best deals across different sites. Moving on to Bing Search, the platform is also getting a powerful new tool called Personalized Answers that will use your search history to tailor the search results to your needs. Bing Chat Enterprise is also getting a new suite of features in the Edge mobile app.

3. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Copilot will be available for enterprise customers starting November 1. The copilots can do a bunch of stuff on various apps. It can summarize the day’s emails and catch you up in minutes, and it has contextual writing so you do not miss the essence of what was said to you. Copilot “Understands constraints and thinks through options to solve your problem,” said Colette Stallbaumer, general manager of Microsoft 365, as per TechRadar.

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