Microsoft Surface event: Exciting Windows 11 update coming with Copilot, RAR Support on September 26

Microsoft Surface event 2023: Big news for Windows users! Microsoft is all set to release a major update for Windows 11, called 23H2, on September 26. This Windows 11 update will bring some cool new features and improvements that will make using your computer an even better experience. The announcement was made during the Microsoft Surface event 2023 being held today in New York.

Windows Copilot

One of the star features of this update is Windows Copilot, an AI-powered assistant. It’s like having a helpful friend right on your desktop. You can use it to adjust settings, open apps, or ask questions. It’s smart and can even use info from your calendar to help you write text messages and find your way around Outlook, The Verge reported.

Microsoft had tried this before with Cortana, but this time it might work better because it’s powered by Bing AI Chat technology. Just remember, it’s not always perfect with its answers. Also read: Microsoft Surface event LIVE: Event begins; Surface Go 4, Laptop Go 3, Windows 11 copilots launched

For those who like to use a pen with their computer, there’s a new feature called “Ink Anywhere.” It lets you write with your pen in any text box on Windows, and the computer turns your handwriting into regular text.

Other Exciting Changes

The File Explorer, which is where you manage your files, is also getting a fresh look. It will be more modern and easy to use with big file thumbnails and recent file suggestions. This update makes it blend in better with Windows 11’s design.

Microsoft is making it easier and now, you won’t need extra software to open special types of files like RAR and 7-zip. These are often used for compressing files, and now Windows 11 can open them without any extra software.

Gamers will appreciate native RGB lighting controls. This Dynamic Lighting feature will work with various brands and allows you to control the colorful lights on your devices without needing extra apps. This is great news for those who love customizing their computer’s look.

Easy Migration and More

Moving to a new computer will be a breeze with the improved Windows Backup app. It will copy your settings and even restore apps from the Microsoft Store. Also, app labels and taskbar ungrouping are back.

Lastly, Microsoft Paint is getting a dark mode. Though features like Photoshop-like layers are coming later, this update brings some much-wanted changes.

So, mark your calendar for September 26. Windows 11’s 23H2 update promises to make your computer experience smoother and richer, whether you are an AI enthusiast, a gamer, or just someone who loves simple and sleek design all of which get together to help you get your work done efficiently and faster too.

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