Microsoft Copilot for Security will be publicly available starting April 1; Check new features

Microsoft has announced that its generative artificial intelligence (AI) solution for security professionals, the Microsoft Copilot, will be available globally soon. In the last few months, the Washington-based tech giant has been making efforts to incorporate AI into its suite of products. It has brought its AI services under one umbrella – Microsoft Copilot. This even includes its AI chatbot which is taking on the likes of ChatGPT and Google Bard. In a new development, another Microsoft service, known as Copilot for Security, has been made available to the public.

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What is Microsoft Copilot for Security?

Microsoft Copilot for Security is an AI service that enables cybersecurity professionals to quickly respond to online threats, while also letting them carry out risk assessments in just minutes. It uses Large Language Models (LLMs) provided by OpenAI and combines them with large-scale data and threat intelligence, which includes 78 trillion security signals that are processed by Microsoft on a daily basis.

In a new development, Microsoft has announced that Copilot for Security will be available publicly starting April 1. Users will be able to enter prompts in 8 languages, while it will have a multilingual interface with support for up to 25 languages. Microsoft says it will be available for use across  North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Making this announcement, Vasu Jakkal, CVP of Microsoft Security, posted on X, “Last year, we announced @Microsoft Copilot for Security, the industry’s first gen-AI solution to help security & IT professionals to defend at machine speed and scale. Today, I’m excited to share that Copilot will be generally available starting April 1!”

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To make it accessible to all, Microsoft is also bringing a pay-as-you-use licensing model, which will enable a consumption-based subscription. This means professionals will only need to pay for the amount of services they have consumed during a particular period.

New features coming to Copilot for Security

With the announcement of its public release, Microsoft also said that it will include several new features. This includes:

1. Custom promptbooks – With this feature, users will be able to create and save their own natural language prompts instead of relying on preset ones.

2. Knowledgebase integrations – While this feature is in the preview phase, users will be able to integrate their business logic with Copilot for Security, enabling them to carry out tasks based on their in-house guides.

3. Third-party integration – As the name suggests, Copilot for Security will allow users to integrate third-party solutions that are being developed around the world.

4. Multi-language support – Microsoft Copilot for Security will accept prompts in 8 languages, while its interface supports up to 25 languages.

5. Microsoft Entra audit logs and diagnostic logs – With this feature, users will be able to carry out IT analysis as well as investigation of audit logs, even if it is related to a specific incident or user. Moreover, this analysis will be summarized in a natural language.

6. Defender External Attack Surface Management – With Defender EASM, users will be able to map their digital attack surface and the external risks associated with it. Then, they can analyze the updated information corresponding to it.

7. Usage reporting – Usage reporting will provide teams insights into their usage of Copilot for Security and the possible steps they can take for better optimization. 

All these features coming to Microsoft Copilot for Security aim to further strengthen the measures that cybersecurity professionals employ to keep users safe around the world.

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