Know all about, the AI-powered tool for automated content creation and marketing

With 2023 nearing its end, it is safe to say that artificial intelligence (AI) has been the buzzword of the year. Throughout the year, we’ve not only seen the rise of AI chatbots, but also the integration of AI into legacy applications such as Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop. New AI tools have also surfaced, that make light work of tasks like image generation, and copywriting. One such AI-powered tool that aims to automate your social media content creation and AI marketing is Know what is it and how it works. What is it? is a generative AI-powered marketing content generation tool that leverages machine learning to generate content. Built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 Large Language Model (LLM), it can generate content copies for social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, blogs, headlines, product descriptions, translations, and more. It is available in 25 languages and features various tools such as Workflows, Workspaces, and plagiarism checker.

Is it paid? is free to use for individual users, meaning you don’t have to pay anything to generate content. It can generate up to 2000 words in chat and you also get 200 Bonus credits. It also has a Pro subscription that offers 5 seats, unlimited words in chats, 500 Workflow credits, and up to 5 seats for teams. This subscription costs $49 a month.

The next plan is the Team subscription which features 20 seats, unlimited words in chats, and 3000 Workflow credits, making it perfect for growing teams. It costs $249 a month and is billed monthly. If you’re a big team, then there’s also a Growth plan offering 75 seats and 20000 Workflow credits. However, if you’re a large-scale organization, then the Scale plan is for you, with 200 seats, unlimited words in chats, and 75000 Workflow credits. The Growth and Scale plans cost $1333 and $4000 a month respectively. Features offers two main interfaces for generating content – Chat and Workflows. The Chat product is an AI system that interacts with users, answering queries and creating content based on user requests. It is targeted towards individual users and is more user-friendly.

On the other hand, the Workflows interface is aimed at dealing with large-scale tasks. It is capable of automating tasks with the help of an API. It also integrates a method called prompt chaining, which helps in creating more complex content.

Another feature of is called Chat. Using AI, it can search the web for you, and read LinkedIn profiles and websites. It can even go through YouTube videos! You can use it to write content as well as ask it to edit and rewrite content, helping you get work done faster. This tool costs $49 a month and you get 5 seats.

Like Grammarly, also includes a built-in plagiarism checker. Moreover, the additional can help you save information for future uses. It also features 90+ templates for content generation including blog intro, blog outline, social media bio, discounts or special promotions, testimonials, and Instagram captions.

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