Instagram is testing a new feature that lets you see a Meta verified-only feed

2023 seems to be the year of premium subscriptions in the social media space. Shortly after Elon Musk owned X (formerly Twitter) came out with paid verification through its X Premium subscription, Meta also introduced the Meta-verified program. But unlike X, these premium Meta users who shell out $11.99 on the web or $14.99 in iOS and Android apps, do not have many exclusive features to themselves. It appears that Meta is starting to change that and one of its efforts is the new feature Instagram is testing where it will offer a verified-only feed to give more visibility to businesses and creators.

Adam Mosseri revealed this new feature on his IG Updates broadcast channel on Instagram. He said, “We’re testing a way for people to explore their Instagram feed and reels by toggling to only Meta Verified accounts. We’re exploring this as a new control for people and a way for businesses and creators to get discovered. Let us know if you’d be interested in using this”.

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Instagram testing a new verified-only feed

This new feature will be visible as a toggle button under the “Following” and “Favorites” feed options that show up when you tap the Instagram logo on the top of the app. This third option is called Meta Verified and it will change your feed to accounts that have the verification badge from Meta for paying the monthly subscription fee. They do not have to be the accounts you follow, and the algorithm will pick and choose accounts to show you their content based on your own preferences.

While it is a useful feature for those paying for the premium accounts as it allows them a way to gain organic followers, it may also be a fun feature for other users as they may find content creators that they would not have otherwise. One good thing about this feature is that Instagram does not force it down your throat like X does sometimes (premium accounts only comment section, we see you), and users can simply switch to a different feed if they do not want to use it ever.

However, one downside for small businesses and creators could be that the algorithm now makes it even harder for them to be discoverable, potentially killing their reach, engagement, and scope of growth. But, since the feature is still being tested, we will have to wait and see the final version before we give our verdict.

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