Google starts rolling out redesigned Gmail sign-up and sign-in pages; Check what’s new

After weeks of displaying “a new look is coming soon” notification, Google has introduced a fresh visual update to the sign-up and sign-in pages of its Google Accounts, aka Gmail, promising a sleeker and more modern interface that aligns with the Material Design philosophy seen across its other products. This change, effective from February 21, 2024, is noticeable across both web and mobile platforms, offering users a consistent experience regardless of their device.

Google’s new look

While the aesthetic of the sign-in pages is evolving, Google emphasizes that there will be no impact on the functionality of the process. Users can rest assured that their ability to sign in or sign up for their Gmail accounts will remain seamless and unaffected by this update. It’s purely a cosmetic change designed to refresh the appearance and enhance the user experience.

Administrators need not worry about managing this feature, as there are no associated controls on the admin side. Similarly, end users won’t need to toggle any settings to access the updated interface—it will be automatically rolled out to them. Those seeking more information about the new sign-in page can refer to the Help Center for additional details.

When is the change coming?

The rollout of this updated interface will be gradual, spanning up to 15 days for full visibility. Beginning on February 21, 2024, and anticipated to conclude by March 4, 2024, Google is taking a phased approach to ensure a smooth transition for all users. This gradual rollout strategy minimizes disruption and allows users to adjust to the changes at their own pace.

Who will get this update?

This enhancement is available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts, underscoring Google’s commitment to delivering a consistent and visually appealing experience across its entire user base.

By embracing the principles of Material Design and modernizing its sign-in pages, Google aims to elevate the overall user experience while maintaining the reliability and functionality that users have come to expect from the tech giant.

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