Google Gemini AI launched! Set to take on OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Big boost for Bard, Pixel 8 Pro users

After delaying the launch just a few days ago and indicating that it would see the light of day sometime early next year, Google Gemini AI has finally, been rolled out! Google, the ‘AI first’ company is finally fighting back against OpenAI’s ChatGPT about a year after the latter’s launch. With OpenAI stealing the limelight and much of the business around AI chatbots, Google has its work cut out, but CEO Sundar Pichai says, “We’re approaching this work boldly and responsibly,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog post. “That means being ambitious in our research and pursuing the capabilities that will bring enormous benefits to people and society, while building in safeguards and working collaboratively with governments and experts to address risks as AI becomes more capable.”

Notably, Gemini AI model has been trained to behave in human-like ways that’s likely to intensify the debate about the technology’s potential promise and perils, something that OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman has been highlighting wherever he goes. Altman has said that he would want governments across the world to step in to regulate the AI technology because the potential that it packs for harm, is boundless. Something on which he agrees with billionaire and former  OpenAI investor Elon Musk.

However, the entire package has not been rolld out at once. It is set to happen in phases, with less sophisticated versions of Gemini called “Nano” and “Pro” being immediately incorporated into Google’s AI-powered chatbot Bard and its Pixel 8 Pro smartphone.

With Gemini providing a helping hand, Google promises Bard will become more intuitive and better at tasks that involve planning. On the Pixel 8 Pro, Gemini will be able to quickly summarize recordings made on the device and provide automatic replies on messaging services, starting with WhatsApp, according to Google.

While early users will get to use the basic versions, the really advanced Gemini AI version won’t come until early next year when its Ultra model will be used to launch “Bard Advanced.” And don’t get your hopes too high of getting your hands on it as the chatbot will only be offered to a test audience initially. As things stand, developers and enterprise customers will get their hands on Gemini Pro via Google Generative AI Studio or Vertex AI in Google Cloud from December 13.

The AI, at first, will only work in English throughout the world, although Google executives assured reporters during a briefing that the technology will have no problem eventually diversifying into other languages.

Gemini AI vs ChatGPT

The inevitable question in everyone’s mind is, whether Gemini can take on ChatGPT.  However, Google executives refused to answer that question. So, how does Gemini compare to GPT-4 will be known when it shares specific technical details, such as its parameter count — one measure of a model’s complexity.

Gemini AI Advanced: Unprecedented power

Google “Bard Advanced” may be capable of unprecedented AI multitasking by simultaneously recognizing and understanding presentations involving text, photos and video, as was clear from a demonstration.

Gemini will also eventually be infused into Google’s dominant search engine, although the timing of that transition hasn’t been spelled out yet.

“This is a significant milestone in the development of AI, and the start of a new era for us at Google,” declared Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google DeepMind, the AI division behind Gemini. 

The technology’s problem-solving skills are being touted by Google as being especially adept in math and physics, fueling hopes among AI optimists that it may lead to scientific breakthroughs that improve life for humans.

“I am in awe of what it’s capable of,” Google DeepMind vice president of product Eli Collins said of Gemini.

Prophets of Doom

While proponents of AI says it will be immensely helpful for humanity, the critics are worried about the technology eventually eclipsing human intelligence, resulting in the loss of millions of jobs. But that is not the worst of it, some say that the technology will turn on its own creators and ensure the demise of humanity.

Gemini AI vs ChatGPT

Gemini’s arrival is likely to up the ante in an AI competition that has been escalating for the past year, with San Francisco startup OpenAI and long-time industry rival Microsoft.

Backed by Microsoft’s financial muscle and computing power, OpenAI was already deep into developing its most advanced AI model, GPT-4, when it released the free ChatGPT tool late last year. That AI-fueled chatbot rocketed to global fame.

And just as Google Bard was arriving on the scene, OpenAI released GPT-4 in March and has since been building in new capabilities aimed at consumers and business customers, including a feature unveiled in November that enables the chatbot to analyze images. 

Now, with Gemini AI being launched,  OpenAI will have to show quickly that it has already stolen a march on Google. 

(With inputs from AP)

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