Google Bard likely to be renamed Gemini! AI model may power other Google apps too

Google last year launched its new multimodal AI model called Gemini. The Gemini Pro model is now powering Google Bard which makes the AI tool more advanced. Bard has been reported to be one of the fastest-growing AI models and now it may get a dedicated Android app along with a rebrand. Yes, you read it right! Google Bard may be renamed Gemini in the coming months and we may see more of its features in apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and others. Check out in detail how Google’s generative AI chatbot will be transitioned to Gemini.

Google Bard’s upcoming upgrades and changes

According to X’s post by Android app developer Dylan Roussel, various changes are coming to Google’s AI chatbot Bard, starting with its newly rebranded name “Gemini”. This new name gives more meaning to the AI tool as it is powered by Gemini Pro, Google’s powerful AI model. Additionally, Roussel shared an image highlighting all the major changes to the AI tool. However, Google has not made an official announcement about the rebrand, however, the document reveals that Bard (to be Gemini) will get an improved user interface along with collaborative capabilities.

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Apart from rebranding, Gemini may also get a dedicated app for smartphones which gives more access to users to simply their day-to-day tasks. Additionally, the app can be integrated with other Google products such as Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. The Gemini app is reported to be launched in the US first and then it will be made globally available except few regions.

As reported earlier, Google will be introducing a subscription model with Gemini Advance. With this, users will be able to take advantage of the Ultra 1.0 model of Gemini which is more powerful than the Pro version. The document said Gemini Ultra 1.0 will be “far more capable at highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and creative collaboration.” It is also reported that the Gemini Advance will get new and improved capabilities to conduct various tasks.

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