Gmail introduces chat-style interface for email replies, redefines user experience and efficiency

Gmail has continued its testing phase for the chat-style redesign of the email reply user interface (UI), extending it for three months. This week, the rollout is expanding to more users, although it has not achieved widespread availability yet. Despite potential resistance from power users due to an additional step to access “Reply all” and “Forward,” Google appears committed to implementing this revamp and that means it will soon be appearing on your Gmail account too – sooner or later.

User-Friendly Interface for Email Composition

Traditionally, email replies are composed after scrolling to the bottom of the message, offering options such as Reply, Reply all, and Forward, alongside new emoji reactions. Additionally, users have the option to reply from the top of the email, 9to5Google reported.

Gmail, as reported by Android Police, is currently testing a reply field that remains fixed at the bottom of the screen, serving as a convenient time-saving feature. This text box closely resembles the interface of Google Chat, featuring a pill-shaped container with buttons for attaching media and inserting emojis.

Enhanced Functionality for Seamless Email Communication

The redesigned reply field mirrors the Google Chat interface, intending to provide users with a recognizable and user-friendly platform for composing emails. Within this interface, users can choose the type of reply they wish to send and adjust recipient details on the left side, while simultaneously viewing the email content in fullscreen mode on the opposite end.

Upon tapping, a keyboard appears, and the reply field slides up with a send button displayed on the right. This allows users to compose their reply while retaining visibility of the email body to maintain context, marking a significant improvement. The placement of Quick Replies within this new UI remains uncertain.

This Gmail redesign represents a substantial change, particularly for an application that experiences infrequent updates, pending Google’s decision to proceed. Currently, it has not been widely rolled out and was not detected on several devices during a recent check. This initiative follows the development of a voice compose UI, expected to integrate seamlessly with Duet AI.

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