Delta game emulator for iPhone launched on Apple App Store, supporting DS, SNES, N64 game systems

The world of mobile gaming has welcomed a new addition with the arrival of the Delta game emulator on the iPhone’s App Store. Developed by Riley Testut, the mastermind behind the renowned GBA4iOS emulator, Delta promises an enhanced gaming experience for enthusiasts.

From GBA4iOS to Delta

Riley Testut gained recognition for creating GBA4iOS, an open-source emulator that gained popularity over a decade ago. Building on the success of GBA4iOS, Testut introduced Delta, an all-in-one emulator previously available outside the App Store but now officially sanctioned by Apple, reported macrumors.

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Diverse Gaming Support

Delta boasts compatibility with a range of game systems, including NES, SNES, N64, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, and Game Boy Advance. With support for popular game controllers, the emulator offers features like cheats, save states, backups, and syncing. Thanks to Testut’s long-standing commitment, Delta stands out with its polished interface and rich feature set compared to other emulators.

Additional Features

The Delta emulator comes packed with extra perks, such as custom controller skins, a fast-forward option, a “hold” button for games requiring continuous button presses, and support for Haptic Touch. Users can also enjoy local multiplayer gaming, accommodating up to four players simultaneously.

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App Store Controversy

Earlier this week, Apple briefly featured iGBA, a copycat version of Testut’s original GBA4iOS, at the top of its App Store charts. However, Apple swiftly removed iGBA from the platform upon discovering its imitation nature.

Delta’s Availability

Delta is available for free on the App Store, free from ads and data collection practices. While users in the United States and various other countries can access the app directly from the App Store, European users will find Delta through alternative app marketplaces due to regional restrictions.

The launch of Delta on the App Store signals a significant milestone for mobile gaming enthusiasts. With its broad compatibility and extensive feature set, Delta aims to elevate the gaming experience on iPhones. As users explore this new emulator, they can look forward to a seamless and immersive gaming journey, all thanks to Testut’s dedication and innovation.

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