Crackdown! Twitch blocks banned users from watching streams

In good news for Twitch streamers, a recent update has brought a new tool to help tackle harassment on the platform. Now, banned users can be prevented from watching streams. This update comes after many streamers expressed concern about harassment issues on Twitch.

In the past, streamers could ban users from chatting, but they could not stop them from watching the stream. Now, Twitch has listened to feedback and introduced a solution. Streamers can activate the “Stop banned users from viewing the stream” feature in their Creator Dashboard’s moderation settings, TechCrunch reported.

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A Collaborative Effort for Safer Streaming

This new feature is part of Twitch’s efforts to make the platform safer. It also works together with Twitch’s blocking tools. If a streamer blocks a user, that user will also be banned from watching streams. However, it’s important to note that this only applies to users who are logged into their Twitch accounts. So, if someone is blocked, they could still watch the stream by logging out. In the future, Twitch plans to add similar features to prevent banned users from watching video-on-demand content, highlights, and clips.

Positive Response from the Community

The response to this update has been positive, with many streamers and users appreciating the added protection. Twitch streamer Divatron9000 stated, “There’s a reason we’ve been asking for this feature for YEARS, and I’m happy they are FINALLY listening.”

However, not everyone has access to this feature just yet. Twitch is gradually rolling it out to all channel owners, and there isn’t a specific timeline provided for when it will be available to everyone.

Twitch is also working on other measures to enhance safety on the platform. Last year, they introduced “Ban Evasion Detection” to identify users trying to bypass channel bans. This tool uses machine learning to spot suspicious accounts and notify channel moderators. Additionally, Twitch introduced the option for channels to swap lists of banned users with each other, automatically restricting all users on the other channel’s list.

Harassment on Twitch has been a concern, particularly for marginalized communities such as Black and trans streamers. Streamers have been pushing for better security measures, including addressing issues like hate raids. These raids involve flooding a targeted streamer’s channel with harmful content. The campaign #TwitchDoBetter has been instrumental in raising awareness of these issues.

Twitch’s latest feature is a step in the right direction to create a safer and more welcoming environment for streamers and viewers alike.

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