Chandrayaan-3 success will come if THIS happens on Pragyan Rover, Vikram Lander

Yesterday, September 22, was a crucial day for the Chandrayaan-3 mission. Earlier, reports said that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was going to begin its efforts to revive the Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover that have been hibernating on the South Pole region of the Moon for the last 14 days after the lunar night struck and temperatures can go as low as -200 degrees Celsius. Some later reports mentioned that there might be some delays, but later, ISRO director Nilesh Desai confirmed that the process was underway. However, no signals have been received from the modules despite the efforts of ISRO. While the situation remains uncertain, a former ISRO chief has shared a word of optimism for everyone waiting in anticipation.

K. Sivan, former ISRO chairman, spoke with ANI and revealed what it would require for both Vikram and Pragyan to be revived. He said, “All the systems are functioning, it will be alright. It all depends on the system, there are mechanical systems, solar panels, batteries all these do not have a problem. However, the minute electric components like transmitters and receivers, whether they survive the cold temperature, that we will have to see. If they survive, then definitely we will be able to wake them up”.

In short, if ‘the minute electric components like transmitters and receivers’ survive the cold temperature, both Pragyan Rover and Vikram Lander will be revived successfully.

He also hailed the efforts of the ISRO scientists and highlighted that this is not the end. “A lot more new sciences will come. The Chandrayaan 1 data brought a lot of discoveries, so I hope that a lot of new things will come. Scientists will keep on trying, and new findings will come”.

ISRO waiting for signals from Chandrayaan-3 modules

The director of the Space Applications Centre (SAC) at ISRO, Nilesh Desai, has shed light on the Chandrayaan-3 mission revival and waking up of Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover. He revealed that the efforts are underway as the entire process is automatic and all the ISRO command center has to do, is to wait for signals from the modules.

“As it is clear in ISRO’s tweet, efforts are on to establish contact with the Lander and the Rover. It will automatically revive and send signals. Till now, no signals have come,” he told ANI.

The scientist also said that if the modules were able to survive the extreme cold temperatures of -200 degrees Celsius, then they would eventually send signals, and restarting the mission should be possible. He did add that it was a 50-50 chance.

Mylswamy Annadurai, a former ISRO scientist, felt more hopeful over the chances of Pragyan Rover waking up but remained skeptical over the lander. He highlighted that the rover was tested for similar measures but nothing could be said for sure about the Vikram Lander.

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