CES 2024: The biggest consumer tech event is almost here; Know what to expect

The anticipation for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) has begun rising. The physical event which will be held in Las Vegas starting January 9 to January 12 is going to bring some of the biggest consumer tech brands together as they showcase gadgets that will be launched in 2024. Apart from that, many startups will also showcase their technologies and products in front of tech enthusiasts, journalists, distributors, and important dignitaries from the tech ecosystem. But what exactly can you expect from the CES 2024 event? Let us take a look.

CES 2024

CES is an annual industry-only technology tradeshow, meaning it is not open to the public but anyone affiliated with the consumer tech industry can attend it. These include professionals working with such brands, journalists, and other ecosystem enablers. In 2019, more than 182,000 people attended the event. Due to the pandemic and its aftereffects, the number has been low so far, with CES 2023 peaking at 115,000 attendees. However, this year it is expected to go higher.

Next year’s CES is likely to feature 3,500 exhibitors in a 2.4 million square feet space, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some of the major brands that will be participating in the event include Samsung, Hyundai, Asus, Dell, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Sony, and many more.

What to expect at CES 2024

Intel: This year, the chipmaker is expected to introduce the 14th generation of Intel Core processors. It is expected to feature higher performance and better optimization to run complex tasks. AI can also be central to these processors.

Qualcomm: We do not expect any mobile technology to be unveiled at CES 2024, as the company usually keeps these announcements for the Mobile World Congress. However, there are some rumors that the company may showcase some of its automotive technology, such as the Snapdragon Chassis. The company is also expected to host a keynote session during the event.

AMD: Just like Intel, we expect AMD to make a chipset announcement at the event. The most likely are Ryzen 8000G APUs for PCs and AMD Z1 for handheld gaming consoles. Alongside, AMD may showcase hardware built for running AI systems as well.

Asus: The company is likely to unveil the ROG 2024 gaming laptop lineup which may bring new innovations for gamers. We may see the new Zenbook series be teased at the event as well.

Dell: Dell is expected to announce its new Alienware laptops. These gaming laptops may feature enhanced performance, better cooling systems, and better GPUs.

Nvidia: Nvidia is set to make big announcements at CES 2024. The company will deliver a special address which might be to unveil the new RTX 4000 Super cards.

Mercedes-Benz: The German luxury car maker will also be participating in the event. It is believed that the company can preview the MBUX Virtual Assistant at CES 2024. It is an in-car voice assistant and the company claims it flaunts a “whole new visual dimension with high-resolution game-engine graphics from Unity”.

Samsung: Samsung’s focus will be on kitchen appliances, with an AI-powered fridge already set for unveiling at the event. Apart from this, we expect new TVs to be on the showcase. There might be a small tease for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup.

Sony: This year Sony’s focus is expected to be on its enhanced Cognitive XR processor-equipped smart TVs. But we will not rule out a surprise PS6 announcement either.

But this is just a glimpse at everything that may take place at the 4-day long event. The list of brands participating is long, and we anticipate that brands will display innovative technologies that will shape up the rest of 2024.

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