Apple may bring upgraded versions of iPhone Notes app with iOS 18- Know what’s coming

Apple Notes app is one of the most used note-taking apps for iOS users. Over the past few years, the company has rolled out several features for the app to make it more useful. However, with iOS 18, the Note app is expected to get new upgraded features with AI. As we all know, Apple is planning to introduce AI features with iOS 18, and now it has been revealed that the Notes app will also benefit. Know what Apple has planned for the iPhone’s note-taking app. 

Apple Notes in iOS 18

Apple will be announcing its next generation of operating system in June with several speculated AI features. While there were rumours that several iOS apps would get a boost with AI, now the Notes app is also expected to get two new features with iOS 18. According to an AppleInsider report, Apple is rumoured to develop a built-in voice recording feature for the Notes app along with Calculator integration. 

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With a built-in recorder feature, users can easily record, save, and play audio clips within the Notes app. With voice recording, users can also add text or images alongside the voice memo. The report said, “The audio recording feature has the potential to benefit a wide array of Apple users. With it, students could record their classes or lectures and then add notes or screenshots of the whiteboard – all in one note.”

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Calculator integration in Notes app

In terms of Calcuater integration to Notes, users will be likely able to create math notes within the Notes app. With these new features, users can perform complex calculations. However, the extent of complexity is yet to be confirmed. The report also highlighted that these new features align with what Microsoft OneNote provides to its users. Additionally, Apple is also rumoured to be revamping the design of the macOS Calculator app, therefore, we can expect some major changes to the Notes and Calculator app with iOS 18. 

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All of these features are expected to be announced at the WWDC event which is scheduled for June 10. Therefore, we may get a glimpse of what’s coming with the iOS 18 update. 

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