Amazon Sale 2023: Unmissable deals on best dash cams

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023 is here! It is open to everyone from October 8. This sale is your chance to save money on cool gadgets like smartphones, air conditioners, washing machines and also on “dash cams.” Dash cams have become really popular in India lately because they record stuff that can help if there’s an accident or you need to make an insurance claim. And guess what? During the Amazon Sale 2023, you can score some awesome deals on dash cams from top brands.

Here are the top 5 dash cam deals available during the Amazon Sale 2023:

1. 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500S

This dash cam is like an all-in-one package. It’s got a super clear camera, even at night, and it can even watch your car when it’s parked. Plus, it’s got cool features like GPS, lane departure warnings, and warnings for when you’re getting too close to the car in front. The usual price is Rs. 14,999, but during the Amazon sale, it’s just Rs. 10,699 – that’s a huge 29% off!


2. Thinkware U1000

This dash cam is top-notch! It records in super high-quality 4K video, and it’s got a bunch of fancy features. It can see at night, protect your car when you’re not around, and keep recording without running out of space. Right now, it’s vailable during the Amazon Sale for Rs. 12,789, which is 30% off!

3. Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam

This dash cam is like having eyes all around your car. It’s got two cameras – one in front and one in back – so you won’t miss a thing. It’s also super clear, even at night, and it can protect your car when it’s parked. The regular price is Rs. 37,618, but during the Amazon sale, it’s just Rs. 16,599 – a massive 56% off!

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4. DDPAI Dash Cam Mini 5

This dash cam is tiny and easy to use. It records in clear video and has a wide view, so you’ll catch everything. It even knows where you are thanks to GPS. The regular price is Rs. 5,999, but during the sale, it’s just Rs. 3,290 – a whopping 45% off. 


5. Transcend DrivePro 250 Dash Camera for Car

This dash cam is tough and works no matter the weather. It records in good quality and can even tell when something’s not right with your car. The regular price is Rs. 17,999, but during the Amazon sale 2023, it’s just Rs. 9,012 – a big 50% off.


These are just some of the awesome deals on dash cams you can find during the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023. With so many options, make sure to compare the features and prices to find the perfect dash cam for you.

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