Amazon introduces 8 free courses for Generative AI under AI Ready initiative

Artificial Intelligence has become a necessary skill in the times when everyone is getting dependent on AI. So, if you want to grow in your career you must learn some AI skills. To make AI skills feasible for everyone, Amazon has taken a significant initiative to provide free educational courses on generative AI. According to Amazon, the aim behind this initiative is to extend “critical skills” to everyone. This initiative of Amazon is called ‘AI ready’. Let’s take a deep dive into the Free generative AI courses:

Generative AI courses by Amazon

Notably, Amazon has already been providing AWS-based AI skills training programs, but now it has added 8 free courses. According to Amazon, 21 million people have AWS cloud computing skills through its various programs. Now Amazon aims to 2 million users to get advantages from its AI courses by 2025. Check out the AI courses below:

Courses for business and non-technical users

If you are a business person or in non-technical job, these three generative AI courses by Amazon will take you to the next level.

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Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence: This course provides an introduction to generative AI, its applications, and need-to-know concepts, like foundation models. You can find this course on AWS Educate.

Generative AI Learning Plan for Decision Makers: This is a three-course series. It covers how to plan a generative AI project and build a generative AI–ready organization. You will find this course on AWS Skill Builder.

Introduction to Amazon CodeWhisperer: This course will teach you how to use Amazon’s AI code generator, which produces whole lines of code. Get this course on AWS Educate.

Courses for developer and technical users

If you are an android developer or a technical user interested in learning various aspects of generative AI, then these courses will be extremely helpful for you. You can get all these courses on AWS Skill Builder.

Foundations of Prompt Engineering: This course introduces the basics of prompt engineering, the practice of designing inputs for generative AI tools, and advanced prompt techniques.

Low-Code Machine Learning on AWS: This course will teach you how to prepare data, train machine learning models, and deploy machine learning models, with minimal coding and without deep knowledge of machine learning.

Building Language Models on AWS: This course will cover how to use Amazon SageMaker distributed training libraries to build language models and how to fine-tune open-source models and foundation models.

Amazon Transcribe—Getting Started: This course explores how to use Amazon Transcribe. It is a fully managed AI service that converts speech to text using automatic speech recognition technology.

Building Generative AI Applications Using Amazon Bedrock: This course will teach you how to use Amazon Bedrock to build generative AI applications.

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