AI roundup [April 9]: Remote proctored exam platform unveiled, South Korea invests in AI and more

AI roundup: With preference for online exams growing, an online assessment solutions company announced its AI-powered remote proctored exam platform to eliminate the chances of cheating. In other news, South Korea is planning to invest over $7 billion in AI to retain its name as a leading semiconductor chip provider. Know about more such AI news from today, April 9,  in our roundup. 

  1. New AI-powered remote proctored exam platform announced

A company named ExamOnline launched its next-generation online remote proctored exam platform which is powered by AI technology. The platform utilizes AI-powered proctoring and uses technology such as facial recognition, behavioural analysis, and environmental monitoring to identify any potential chance of cheating. Maneesh Singh, CEO of ExamOnline said .”This innovative solution addresses the growing demand for secure and convenient online proctoring, while offering significant benefits for both exam administrators and test-takers,” according to a press release. 

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2. South Korea to invest over $7 billion in AI

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol talked about the country’s AI investment in which it plans to contribute a close amount to $7 billion by 2027. The investments will be made to maintain its global position in the semiconductor chip market. President Yeol also highlighted that 1.4 trillion won will be used for AI semiconductor firms. He further added, “Current competition in semiconductors is an industrial war and an all-out war between nations,” according to a Reuters report. 

3. Multiverse and AI startup Searchlight partners to develop new AI products

Multiverse, a UK-based company has partnered with an AI startup, Searchlight to build the company’s skills and provide training services for professional environments. It also aims to develop new AI products for the company. Multiverse’s founder and CEO Euan Blair said, “Searchlight’s AI, platform, and exceptional talent will allow us to better diagnose the skills needed within companies and deliver impactful solutions,” according to a Tech Crunch report. 

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4. AMD expands Versal adaptive SoC for AI-driven embedded systems

AMD announced the new Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 and Versal Prime Series Gen 2 adaptive SoCs with a motive to expand AMD’s Versal adaptive SoC portfolio. In a single device, the SoC will provide preprocessing, AI inference, and postprocessing abilities which will result in end-to-end acceleration of AI-driven embedded systems. Salil Raje, senior vice president and general manager, of Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group, AMD said, “The demand for AI-enabled embedded applications is exploding and driving the need for single-chip solutions for the most efficient end-to-end acceleration within the power and area constraints of embedded systems,” according to a press release. 

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5. Elon Musk talks about the future of AI

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk made an outspoken remark about the future of artificial intelligence. In a recent interview with technical hiccups on X spaces, Musk said that AI will be more powerful than human intelligence and the introduction of AGI will have a greater impact starting from 2026. Musk said, “If you define AGI (artificial general intelligence) as smarter than the smartest human, I think it’s probably next year, within two years,” according to a Reuters report. 

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