AI Roundup [April 19]: Cisco eyes AI security system; Will AI help push audiobooks and more

AI Roundup, April 19: In today’s AI news, Cisco announced their new security product called HyperShield which uses AI to safeguard applications, devices, and data of businesses. The system primarily focuses on protecting the IT environment. In other news, HarperCollins has partnered with audio AI company ElevenLabs to develop audiobooks. All this, and more in our AI Roundup today.

  1. Cisco launches AI-powered security system

Cisco unveiled a new AI-powered security architecture product called HyperShield to protect data centres, clouds, and other IT environments. The system is capable of safeguarding public and private data centres. Jeetu Patel, Cisco’s executive vice president and general manager of security and collaboration said, “This is not a product, but a new architecture – the first version of something new,” according to a CNBC report.

2. HarperCollins to create audiobooks with the help of AI

HarperCollins has announced that it will develop audiobooks for its foreign language business by leveraging AI technology. The company has partnered with AI company ElevenLabs to utilise their text-to-speech technology. This technology will help the audiobooks to “reflect the emotion, intonation, and pacing of the written word in audio, delivering a high-quality experience that sounds human,” according to The Bookseller report.

3. AI computing to utilise more energy than India: CEO of ARM Holding

Rene Haas, CEO of ARM Holding highlighted that the use of AI computing could exhaust energy sources and by 2030, the technology is projected to consume more electricity than India. Haas said, “We are still incredibly in the early days in terms of the capabilities.” He further added that to train AI the companies will require a heavy amount of data, requiring a vast amount of energy, according to a Moneycontrol report.

4. MathCo announces Microsoft Solutions as partner for Data and AI

MathCo, a global leader in Enterprise AI and analytics announced its partnership with Microsoft Solutions for Data and AI. With the help of Microsoft’s technology, Mathco will be able to manage its data across multiple systems. Aditya Kumbakonam, Cofounder and COO at MathCo said, “As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data and AI, we not only expand our potential to deliver exceptional AI solutions to our clients but also provide an opportunity for our talented team to enhance their skills through certifications in various domains,” according to ANI report.

5. Microsoft introduces new AI system VASA-1

Microsoft has unveiled a new AI system VASA-1 which will create realistic talking faces with a single image and an audio clip. It is capable of generating facial expressions, synchronized lip movements and accurate head movements. Microsoft said, “It can handle artistic photos, singing audios, and non-English speech. These types of data were not present in the training set,” according to a Microsoft research blog.

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