AI roundup [ April 15]: AI to bring diversity in fashion, research begins on how AI will impact immersive media, more

AI roundup:  London-based model Alexsandrah has a virtual twin which was created with the help of AI. This real-life virtual model is another big example of how AI transforms creative industries. In other news, new research on how AI will impact immersive media on 5G Networks will take place, addressing media packaging, ingesting, media delivery, and other concerns. 

  1. AI creates virtual twin of London-based model Alexsandrah

Alexsandrah, a London-based model gets benefits from its virtual version being used, just like a human model. While several people in the industry support technology as it encourages diversity, many also raise concerns. Sara Ziff, a former fashion model and founder of the Model Alliance said, “I think the use of AI to distort racial representation and marginalize actual models of colour reveals this troubling gap between the industry’s declared intentions and their real actions,” according to an AP report. 

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2. InterDigital and Concordia University collaborate to research AI Immersive Media Delivery 

InterDigital and Concordia University to conduct a multi-year research and development collaboration research on AI-enabled end-to-end delivery of immersive media over 5G networks. The partnership aims to design an end-to-end immersive media transport system, addressing media packaging, media ingesting, media delivery, and media consumption, according to a press release.

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3. Cathie Wood announced shared stakes in OpenAI

Ark Investment Management headed by Cathie Wood now hold a stake in artificial intelligence company OpenAI. Ark said, “OpenAI is at the forefront of a Cambrian explosion in artificial intelligence capability.” Furthermore, OpenAI will represent 4 per cent of the Ark venture fund’s holdings Chief Futurist and investment committee member Brett Winton also talked about OpenAI’s video generation tool, Sora. Winton said, “The acceleration in the pace of innovation is mind-blowing and so we wanted the exposure,” according to a Bloomberg report. 

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4. AI energy consumption risk emerging according to experts

Chief technology officer of Ceres Power, Caroline Hargrove emphasises on the risk of higher energy consumption with the growing use of AI technology. Hargrove said, “AI industry is expected to have grown exponentially to consume at least ten times its [electricity] demand in 2023.” She further added, “What scares me is the energy consumption if you’re using ChatGPT [for simple queries],” according to a CNBC report. 

5. Lyricist Sameer Anjaan talks about AI misuse in the music industry

Lyricist Sameer Anjaan highlights the misuse of AI and wants governments and officials to step in and take corrective measures. Sameer said, “It is a challenge. The government should take strict steps because a lot of meetings and discussions are happening all over the world about the use of AI. There were strikes regarding the same in the US,” according to a TOI report. 

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