AI roundup [April 10]: Microsoft invests in Japan’s AI mission, Amazon and Nvidia to contribute to AI research and more

AI roundup: Microsoft is planning to make a huge investment in Japan to accelerate the country’s AI development. Additionally, the investment will also aid Japan in building strong cybersecurity defence to combat enemy countries. In other news, President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida urged Amazon and Nvidia to fund an AI research program. Know more about such AI news of today. 

  1. Microsoft plans to invest $2.9 billion in Japan to support its AI ambitions

Microsoft announced a huge investment plan for Japan. The company will be investing $2.9 billion in the country for over 2 years to accelerate its AI development plans. The country is also aiming to expand its semiconductor industry with the help of foreign investments. Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President of Microsoft said, “This is Microsoft’s single largest investment in its 46-year history in Japan. These investments are essential ingredients for Japan to build a robust AI economy,” according to a press release. 

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2. Amazon and Nvidia asked for funds for an AI research program

President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida have recruited Inc. and Nvidia Corp. to provide financial support for an AI research project. It is a $50 million project which will be conducted by the University of Washington in Seattle and Tsukuba University. The research aims to study the risks of AI technology and how the government and bring new enforcement, according to a Bloomberg report.

3. Innominds and Qualcomm collaborate for Edge AI Platform

Innominds announces the availability of its iDhi, which is an enterprise and industrial IoT Edge Compute box. This Edge AI platform is powered by Qualcomm QRB5165/QCS8250 processors. This platform can be used across various sectors and it can conduct complex AI/ML tasks. It also offers cloud integration and video management. Raj Ganti, President of Global Strategic Accounts at Innominds said, “As we harness the power of cloud-orchestrated edge AI, we’re revolutionizing data processing at the edge, empowering real-time insights and decision-making across diverse applications for enterprises,” according to a Press release.

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4. AI-controlled fighter jet to fly Air Force secretary

This spring a top Air Force civilian Frank Kendall will be operating or we can say flying the artificial intelligence-operated warplane, F-16 as part of the test. Kendall said to the Senate Appropriations Committee defence panel members “There will be a pilot with me who will just be watching, as I will be, as the autonomous technology works. Hopefully neither he or I will be needed to fly the airplane,” according to an AP report.

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5. AI model used to transcribe letters and words of ancient scripture

A group of Israeli students and researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev used AI to translate illegible letters and words in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions. This discovery will help researchers study the cultural and historical heritage of the region. Professor Mark Last said, “This breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize the field of epigraphy,” according to an ANI report. 

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