Adobe unveils Project Music GenAI Control! Create your music with just text

Adobe is breaking new ground in the realm of generative AI with the introduction of Project Music GenAI Control. This cutting-edge prototype, unveiled at the Hot Pod Summit in Brooklyn, promises to revolutionize music creation by enabling users without professional audio expertise to effortlessly generate and customize their own tunes.

A Symphony at Your Fingertips

Unlike existing GenAI-powered music tools, Adobe’s Project Music GenAI Control stands out with its unique approach. Users kickstart the creative process by inputting text prompts, and defining the desired style, whether it’s a “energetic rock” or “sad blues.” The tool then employs integrated editing controls, allowing users to tailor the generated music by adjusting tempo, intensity, repeating patterns, and overall structure. Sections of the music can be remixed, and users can generate repeating loops, perfect for content creation or background tracks.

Customization Beyond Imagination

Notably, Project Music GenAI Control goes beyond mere generation, offering users the ability to modify the audio based on a reference melody. It also facilitates extending the length of audio clips, a handy feature for fixed animations or podcast segments. While the user interface for editing the generated audio remains under wraps, Adobe assures users of an intuitive and powerful experience.

Developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of California and Carnegie Mellon, Project Music GenAI Control is currently in the research stage. Adobe’s Head of Audio and Video AI Research, Gautham Mysore, highlighted the tool’s significance, emphasizing that it puts users in the director’s seat, allowing them to explore and refine their musical ideas without the need for professional composition skills.

Despite the excitement surrounding GenAI music tools, ethical and legal concerns are emerging with the proliferation of AI-created content. While other tools like Google’s MusicLM and Meta’s AudioCraft exist, they lack the comprehensive editing capabilities offered by Adobe’s innovation.

Project Music GenAI Control’s development, alongside other Adobe experiments, can be tracked on the Adobe Labs website. As Nicholas Bryan, a senior research scientist at Adobe Research, notes, these tools offer pixel-level control for music, akin to the deep control that Photoshop provides for visuals, providing creatives with unprecedented flexibility and freedom.

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