5 things about AI you might have missed today: Elon Musk’s xAI to open-source Grok; AI problems hit manufacturing, more

AI roundup: Elon Musk’s AI startup xAI will open-source OpenAI rival Grok, it has been revealed today. Grok is a chatbot which was announced for X. Now, Musk says he will open-source Grok AI chatbot, which means its source code will be freely available to everyone. In other news, the manufacturing industry is struggling to integrate AI and automation into their business process. Know more about what is happening in the world of AI today.

Elon Musk announced that xAI will open-source Grok

xAI, Musk’s AI startup company has announced it will make its large language model called Grok open-source, according to a Reuters report. Musk also shared a post on X saying, “This week, @xAI will open source Grok.” This comes quickly in the wake of Musk slapping a lawsuit against OpenAI for turning the nature of the Sam Altman-led company into a for-profit entity instead of the non-profit that it started out originally as.

Manufacturing CIOs facing challenges in integrating AI

While various industries benefit from advanced technologies such as AI, 98 percent of manufacturing chief information officers (CIOs) claim that data challenges are the biggest concern to innovation and adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies. The recent studies highlight how leaders in the manufacturing industry have been struggling to adopt AI. The report said, “Business leaders recognise that better collaboration can enhance product quality (88%) and time-to-market (86%),” according to a Tech Circle report.

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Gupshup says got a big boost from AI

Gupshup, a SaaS-based conversational messaging platform highlights how AI has benefited the company in client budgets for experimental digital initiatives. The report highlighted that the company experienced a 43 percent growth in revenue with 22.5 percent of increase in profits. Gaurav Kachhawa, chief product officer of Gupshup said, “As companies across industries and geographies added more business verticals, cut down on physical stores, and increased their budgets for digital channels, we saw a lot more demand for our tools,” according to a Live Mint report.

CoRover.ai unveils CoroAssist, a Secure GenAI Co-Pilot for Enterprise Information Retrieval

CoRover.ai launched its new Secure GenAI Co-Pilot called CoroAssist which is powered by BharatGPT. It is a GenAI Information Retrieval System which enterprises can use to access important information. CotoAssist utilizes an LLM-based RAG framework for the effective retrieval of accurate, real-time information from reliable sources. Ankush Sabharwal, CEO of CoRover said, “CoroAssist represents a remarkable leap forward in information retrieval for businesses. It swiftly delivers accurate, role-based information from a variety of reliable sources including websites, documents, videos, ERP/CRM systems, APIs, and more,all with proper references,” according to the press release. 

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Infibeam Avenues announces video AI platform – THEIA

Infibeam Avenues has launched a new Video AI Developer Platform called THEIA. The platform can be utilized in several areas such as sports analytics, media optimisation, traffic management, crowd control, insurance claims processing, optimization of manufacturing units, retail stores, and more, according to a Business Line report. Rajesh Kumar SA, CEO of Phronetic.AI, an artificial intelligence business unit of Infibeam Avenues said, “Beyond security, videos will now serve as powerful tools for enhancing productivity, workforce efficiency, and decision-making across businesses, government entities, and organizations. The era of video data transformation has begun.” 

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