5 things about AI you may have missed today: The rising tide of AI scams, US hosts first military AI conference, more

The rising tide of AI scams targets vulnerable populations; US hosts first military AI conference with global allies; Israeli startup harnesses AI for antibody discovery; AR Rahman advocates AI as tool for music enhancement, not job displacement- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. The rising tide of AI scams targets vulnerable populations

AI scams proliferate, preying on vulnerable demographics, notably via social media ads. Complaints to the FTC spiked, rising from 2 to 14 in a year, mirroring the surge in generative AI tools. While seemingly modest, these figures hint at a larger issue. Victims recount losses, such as one who lost life savings to a deepfake Elon Musk promoting a fake Tesla investment scheme on YouTube, according to a Bloomberg report. 

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2. US hosts first military AI conference with global allies

The U.S. State Department leads the inaugural meeting of AI agreement signatories, prioritizing military applications. Mark Montgomery of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies praises the focus on ethical AI use in defence. However, some notable nations like China and Russia are absent from the discussions, indicating a gap in addressing potential concerns, Fox News reported. 

3. Israeli startup harnesses AI for antibody discovery

Israeli startup, CombinAble.AI, launched by AION Labs, aims to revolutionize antibody design with AI. CEO Mati Gill highlights the shift in approach to streamline therapeutic development. Partnered with major pharmaceutical firms and supported by industry leaders, CombinAble integrates advanced AI and computational methods to accelerate drug discovery, automating mutation selection for enhanced antibody candidates, The Jerusalem Post reported. 

4. AR Rahman advocates AI as tool for music enhancement, not job displacement

AR Rahman defends AI use in music, emphasizing its role in enhancing rather than replacing human creativity. In an interview with India Today, he stresses leveraging technology for upliftment and eradicating generational curses. Rahman urges cautious application of AI to avoid job loss, advocating its use as a tool to accelerate processes and improve lives.

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5. New bill proposes 32 hour work week amidst AI advancements

Senator Bernie Sanders, alongside Senators Laphonza Butler and Mark Takano, introduces a bill proposing a thirty-two-hour work week to address growing income inequality. Highlighting CEOs’ escalating wages contrasted with stagnant worker earnings, the bill aims to prioritize family time while safeguarding wages. Sanders emphasizes the necessity for change amidst advancements in AI and robotics, stressing the urgency for workplace reform, Forbes reported. 

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