5 things about AI you may have missed today: Taiwan’s AI revolution, Tim Cook advocates AI and more

Nvidia CEO applauds Taiwan’s key role in AI revolution; Tim Cook advocates AI for business carbon footprint reduction; UK launches AI project to track Hedgehog populations; Baidu stocks soar on Apple collaboration for AI services in China- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Nvidia CEO applauds Taiwan’s key role in AI revolution

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang praises Taiwan’s pivotal role in the AI revolution, emphasising its central position in technological advancements. He reminisces about Nvidia’s beginnings and its collaboration with Taiwanese firms like TSMC. Huang reaffirms Nvidia’s commitment to innovation and partnership, recognizing Taiwan’s significant contribution. He concludes by expressing gratitude and affection for his Taiwanese collaborators, according to a TaiPai Times report. 

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2. Tim Cook advocates AI for business carbon footprint reduction

Apple CEO Tim Cook stresses AI’s pivotal role in business carbon footprint reduction during a climate change forum. He highlights Apple’s commitment to environmental leadership, citing the carbon-neutral Apple Watch. Cook underscores the importance of innovation and laments US-China trade sanctions hindering Chinese AI progress. His visit to China signals both environmental focus and business collaboration amidst strained US-China relations, Business Today reported. 

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3. UK launches AI project to track Hedgehog populations

UK pioneers AI to monitor hedgehog populations, aiming to understand their decline. Cameras capture hedgehog images, filtered by AI to distinguish from humans. Analysts then record numbers and locations with human assistance. The project hopes to provide insights into the decline and aid conservation efforts. Led by NHMP, BHPS, and PTES, and supported by universities and Natural England, according to a report by The Guardian. 

4. Baidu stocks soar on Apple collaboration for AI services in China

Baidu shares surge as reports suggest collaboration with Apple for AI services in Chinese products. Baidu’s stock rose 5.4 percent following news that it would supply AI for Apple’s iPhone 16 and other devices in China. The partnership involves Baidu providing generative AI models, with regulatory approval required. Apple’s endorsement could significantly boost Baidu’s AI branding and market presence, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal

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5. AI-driven antibiotics offer hope against drug-resistant bacteria

AI-designed antibiotics show promise in combating drug-resistant bacteria like Acinetobacter baumannii, with six novel molecules validated for antibacterial activity. As antibiotic resistance spreads globally, the urgency for new treatments intensifies. AI offers a crucial tool for drug discovery, yet current methods have limitations in exploring extensive chemical spaces efficiently. This advancement marks a significant step in addressing antibiotic resistance, Geneng News reported. 

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