5 things about AI you may have missed today: RBI Guv urges vigilance against AI threat, panel explores AI ethics, more

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das urges financial vigilance amidst AI cyber threats; panel explores AI ethics; AI system may aid future Alzheimer’s drug synthesis; AI powered offline phone revolutionises access for visually impaired- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. RBI governor urges financial vigilance amidst AI cyber threats

RBI Governor  Shaktikanta Das warns of AI’s impact on financial cybersecurity at RBI Ombudsman Conference. He urges institutions to safeguard customer data amidst technological advancements. Das stresses the role of data analytics in enhancing service and calls for preemptive measures against fraud. Emphasising cybersecurity’s criticality, he urges prompt vulnerability rectification to maintain consumer trust, PTI reported. 

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2. Panel explores AI ethics: Creator or destroyer?

A panel discussion on AI ethics was held at Mumbai’s Government Law College with the attendees asking if it’s a creator or a destroyer. Featuring former Union minister Milind Deora, Mumbai University’s Prasad Karande, and Google Cloud’s Anantharaman Balakrishnan, the panel was presided over by senior advocate Haresh Jagtiani. They delved into AI’s legal and ethical complexities, addressing privacy threats and misinformation. Balakrishnan defended Google’s Gemini AI, even while acknowledging its imperfections and highlighted the company’s collaboration with authorities to ensure compliance with laws, Free Press Journal reported

3. AI system may aid future Alzheimer’s drug synthesis

New AI tool, coupled with glowing biosensors, may aid in the future synthesis of galantamine, a common Alzheimer’s drug. Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin developed this AI system to circumvent costly and unreliable extraction from daffodils. By harnessing microbes, particularly genetically modified bacteria, they aim to efficiently produce galantamine’s chemical precursor at scale, according to a report by PTI via Moneycintrol.

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4. AI powered offline phone revolutionises access for visually impaired

Nigerian Kehinde Olutubosun, visually impaired, lacked smartphone access until an AI-powered offline phone changed his world. Launched by Viamo in Nigeria, it taps into local networks via SMS or voice, making AI accessible even in remote areas without internet. This innovation, affordable and voice-prompted, empowers financially constrained individuals, expanding to aid communities globally with UNICEF support, Reuters reported. 

5. Indians favour AI predictions over colleagues for career guidance: Survey

A survey reveals 70 percent of Indians trust AI chatbots over colleagues. They’d heed AI’s advice for their ideal career path, prioritizing happiness and success. Bosch’s Tech Compass Survey underscores AI’s growing influence globally. Conducted in seven countries, including India, the study explores attitudes towards emerging technologies. Results, based on 2,163 online respondents aged 18-59, represent diverse demographics, The New Indian Express reported. 

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