5 Things about AI you may have missed today: Nvidia to build AI centre in Indonesia, India on AI laws, more

AI roundup: Nvidia and Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison are in talks to build an artificial intelligence centre in Central Java in 2024. The companies may invest $200 million for the development. In other news, Microsoft warns countries such as the US, South Korea and India about China’s intention to disrupt elections with the help of AI. Know more about what AI news is in our roundup. 

  1. Nvidia and Indosat to build AI centre in Indonesia

Nvidia and Indosat to open AI centre in Indonesia worth $200 million. The centre will consist of telecommunication infrastructure or a human resource centre in Surakarta city. Steve Saerang from Indosat said, “Now, our main focus is to develop a centre of excellence related to AI in Surakarta.” Steve also talked about how the collaboration with Nvidia will drive technology infrastructure in Indonesia, according to a Reuters report. 

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2. Microsoft warns countries of AI threat from China during elections

As elections in several parts of the world are around the corner, Microsoft shares a statement on how China can disrupt elections with the use of AI. The AI misuse is expected to affect countries such as the US, South Korea and India. Microsoft said, “As populations in India, South Korea and the United States head to the polls, we are likely to see Chinese cyber and influence actors, and to some extent North Korean cyber actors, work toward targeting these elections,” according to The Guardian report. 

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3. India to develop AI laws for news publishers

Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw announced that India will be developing AI laws to protect the rights of news publishers, content creators, and others. Vaishnaw said that the laws would be “strong on securing the rights and sharing the proceeds, while keeping good space for innovation,” according to an Economic Times report. 

4. Companies may have smaller workforces due to AI

A study published by Adecco Group highlighted that companies are expected to hire fewer employees due to the increasing use of AI in the next five years.  The use of generative AI tools can conduct several complex tasks, which may eliminate human intervention.  Adecco CEO Denis Machuel said, “Almost all jobs are going to be impacted by AI one way or another.” Denis also said, “We already engaged in training and up-skilling people on behalf of our clients,” according to a Reuters report. 

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5. Samsung to announce AI-powered TV

Samsung will be announcing a new Artificial Intelligence-powered television on April 17. Samsung its Neo QLED 8K series, Neo QLED 4K series and OLED series will powered by AI. The company has already started taking early orders and pre-order bookings for their upcoming AI TV. Additionally, buyers who pre-order the TV can enjoy a discount worth Rs.15000 during the purchase, according to the press release. 

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