5 Things about AI you may have missed today: NVIDIA reveals AI humanoid robots drive, Samsung to develop AI chips, more

AI roundup: In a big move, NVIDIA announces its new Project GR00T which is a general-purpose foundation model for humanoid robots. These robots will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the machine could copy human actions based on just observation. In other news, Samsung is stepping up its game in the semiconductor space by introducing a research lab for AI chip development. Know more about such AI-linked news today, March 19, 2024. 

  1. NVIDIA announces project GR00T for AI-based humanoid robots 

NVIDIA is stepping up its AI game by announcing its project GR00T which is a general-purpose foundation model for humanoid robots. The robot is expected to drive growth in both robotics and AI. Additionally, the company also introduced a new computer, Jetson Thor designed specifically for the humanoid robot. The computer is powered by NVIDIA Thor SoC, generative AI foundation models and tools. Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA said, “Building foundation models for general humanoid robots is one of the most exciting problems to solve in AI today,” according to the press release. 

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2. Samsung unveils a new research lab for artificial general intelligence and AI chips

Samsung is expanding its AI goals by setting up a new research lab for developing artificial general intelligence and AI chips. The company’s primary goal is to develop AI chips to support large language models. Dong Hyuk Woo, a former Google senior software engineer will be responsible for managing the AGI Computing Lab in the US and South Korea. Kyung Kye-Hyun,  head of Samsung Electronics said about the new chip that, “Chip designs, an iterative model that will provide stronger performance and support for increasingly larger models at a fraction of the power and cost,” according to a Bloomberg report. 

3. Cielo introduced its generative AI-based tool for talent acquisition

Cielo a talent acquisition company has introduced a generative AI tool called  CLO.ai to help improve the hiring process. With the help of large language models and relevant data sets, the tool carefully simplifies the hiring process and makes talent acquisition more effective. Rick Rosario, Vice President, Client Services at Cielo said, “This creates a more intuitive, tailored user experience and enables employers to identify top talent faster, accelerate time to fill, and reduce costs. This is a safe and secure ChatGPT just for talent strategy,” according to a press release. 

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4. UK deputy PM announced a global push to protect elections from AI

With rising concerns over AI risk and misinformation, British Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden announces a new global government compact to tackle the use of AI by foreign states during the elections. Dowden highlighted that several countries have already signed for the compact. He also said that the AI risk could create several kinds of problems related to freedom and democracy all over the world, according to a Reuters report. 

5. AI to detect anxiety disorder in youths

In another surprising news, AI is being used to identify people with anxiety disorder by studying brain structures. The study published in the journal Nature Mental Health highlighted machine learning (ML) was used to study brain function and connections. A researcher also said that the use of AI could help provide personalized treatment, prevention, and care to patients struggling with mental health issues, according to a PTI report.

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