5 Things about AI you may have missed today: India’s AI potential, Samsung rushes into medical AI, and more

AI roundup: India is embracing new technologies such as AI with full force. By acknowledging the efforts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country will be leading the world in AI. In other news, Samsung and Deloitte invested in Medical AI Startup PocketHealth to explore how AI could boost the healthcare sector. Check out more news about AI from today, March 20, 2024.

1. PM Narendra Modi on the potential of AI in India

PM Modi, while addressing the Startup Mahakumbh event, highlighted India’s capabilities to lead the world in AI. He also encouraged startups to build solutions that will improve India’s global challenges. PM Modi said, “We are in a new era of AI technology, and the world acknowledges that India will have an upper hand in AI. It is now our priority to ensure that we do not let go of this opportunity.” Additionally, he also said how the mission in AI, semiconductors will bring job opportunities, according to a PTI report.

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2. Inflection AI adjusts strategy after majority of employees join Microsoft

Microsoft recently hired Mustafa Suleyman and Karén Simonyan from the AI startup Inflection AI. Not only that but other staff members have also shifted to Microsoft. Seeing the course, the startup may plan to license its technology to Microsoft. Now, the company may also change its strategy by selling its own AI products directly to consumers. Company’s cofounder and VC Reid Hoffman shared a LinkedIn post saying “Good day for everyone involved in Inflection. This agreement with Microsoft means that all of Inflection’s investors will have a good outcome today, and I anticipate good future upside,” according to a Bloomberg report.

3. Samsung and Deloitte explore AI in healthcare

A medical AI Startup PocketHealth has been raising investments for its AI initiatives, which have raised $33 million. Samsung and Deloitte have also invested in the company in a move to explore the potential of AI in the healthcare sector. Rishi Nayyar chief executive of the company said, “We use AI to help patients understand what the radiologist’s report is saying, and what they should do next.” The company is planning to build an AI-based image-sharing platform which will help bring personalized treatment and care, according to a Bloomberg report. 

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4. taSki Technologies partners with Netradyne for passenger safety

Netradyne, a leading AI fleet and driver safety solutions provider and taSki Technologies have collaborated to build passenger safety solutions for EVs. taSki will utilize Netradyne’s vision-based technology called Driver.i to gain insights into drivers’ behaviour and their interactions with customers. Additionally, with the tool, the company will also be able to identify potential hazards, over-speeding, tailgating, and more, according to the press release.

5. New Orleans museum visitors to hold virtual conversations with WWII veterans using AI 

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans will open an interactive exhibition. The museum will allow visitors to hold virtual conversations with images of WWII veterans using AI. To conduct AI conversations, visitors will have to stand in front of a console and choose the person they have to converse with. Peter Crean, a retired Army colonel and the museum’s vice president of education said, “Any of us can ask a question, it will recognise the elements of that question. And then using AI, it will match the elements of that question to the most appropriate of those thousand answers,” according to a PTI report. 

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