5 things about AI you may have missed today: Club Med embraces AI, IIT Kharagpur launches MTech in AI, more

Club Med embraces artificial intelligence for enhanced holiday experiences; IIT Kharagpur launches MTech in artificial intelligence; Pune Station’s AI cameras identify blacklisted individuals; Academics sound alarm over AI generated content in research papers- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Club Med embraces AI for enhanced holiday experiences

Club Med integrates AI into its digital transformation, enhancing customer experiences and staff efficiency. ‘Happy Digital’ initiative pioneers AI use, aiming to streamline guest experiences. Data-centric strategy, bolstered by AI, processes 5 million daily data points in real time. CEO Quentin Briard highlights AI’s role in innovation, customer communication, recruitment, and CSR initiatives, reinforcing Club Med’s ‘Happy Digital’ stance, Economic Times reported. 

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2. IIT Kharagpur launches MTech in artificial intelligence

IIT Kharagpur launches pioneering MTech program in Artificial Intelligence under NM-ICPS, DST. Aimed at preparing students for AI’s diverse applications, the four-semester course emphasises theoretical foundations, practical labs, electives, and hands-on projects. Core topics include Machine Learning and Deep Learning, with elective specializations like Visual Computing and Secure AI/ML.

3. Pune Station’s AI cameras identify blacklisted individuals

AI-powered surveillance cameras at Pune station can identify blacklisted individuals and touts. The pilot project, a collaboration between Indian Railways and Jio, showcased its recognition capabilities. Installed cameras, including at entry, exit, and PRS, processed video into data. Data from February 26 to March 3 indicates 1.1 percent wore masks among 9,625 visitors, with 7,311 repeat and 2,314 new visitors, according to a Indian Express report. 

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4. Academics sound alarm over AI generated content in research papers

Social media users and academics raise concerns over AI-generated content infiltrating scientific papers. Examples include a ScienceDirect paper featuring an AI-generated introduction. Stock phrases like “as of my last knowledge update” commonly used by AI chatbots like ChatGPT were spotted in various academic journals. Elsevier, known for stringent anti-piracy measures, faces challenges in controlling such content, according to The Hindu report. 

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5. AI watchdog hiring struggle exposes global talent gap

Italy’s data protection agency struggled to hire AI experts despite a growing need to regulate the field. This reflects a global challenge as demand for AI talent outstrips supply in the public sector. Low pay, lengthy hiring processes, and visa hurdles make it difficult to compete with private companies. The EU and other countries are facing similar issues as they establish AI regulatory bodies, according to a Reuters report. 

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