5 things about AI you may have missed today: Chinese use AI to commemorate, Israeli military relies on AI and more

Chinese use AI to commemorate departed loved ones; Israeli military allegedly relies on AI for Gaza bombing targets; CBSE adds AI and data science electives for class 11l; Yuval Noah Harari sounds alarm on AI’s threat to humanity. All this, and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Chinese use AI to commemorate departed loved ones

Chinese turn to AI to commemorate loved ones during the tomb-sweeping festival. Digital avatars are created for as low as £2.20, allowing mourners to interact with the deceased. Singer uses AI to recreate daughter’s voice, generating a video of her singing. China’s AI industry burgeons, expected to quadruple by 2025. Livestreamers employ AI for self-cloning to boost product sales. SenseTime showcases an AI-generated speech from a deceased founder, according to a report by The Guardian. 

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2. Israeli military allegedly relies on AI for Gaza bombing targets

Israeli military reportedly using AI to select Gaza bombing targets, per +972 Magazine. Six Israeli intelligence officials allege minimal human oversight with a tool named “Lavender,” admitting a 10 percent error rate. IDF denies AI targeting terrorists but emphasises human verification. Critics claim human involvement is minimal, with around 20 seconds spent per target, CNN reported. 

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3. CBSE adds AI and data science electives for class 11

CBSE introduces skill subjects like Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science for Class 11 students, offering 43 electives alongside main subjects. Aimed at enhancing employability and entrepreneurship, subjects like Physical Activity Trainer and Design Thinking & Innovation are included. Curriculum and study material are available on the CBSE website under the ‘Skill Education’ tab, allowing students to check elective options, NDTV reported. 

4. Yuval Noah Harari sounds alarm on AI’s threat to humanity

Yuval Noah Harari warns of AI’s potential to enslave humanity, cautioning against rapid advancement. He emphasises AI’s current impact on the economy, culture, and politics, expressing concern over future control. Harari, speaking at Cambridge Centre’s panel, identifies ecological collapse, technological disruption, and global conflict as existential threats to humanity’s survival, The Indian Express reported. 

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5. Samsung introduces AI-enabled bespoke home appliances

Samsung launches AI-powered bespoke home appliances, promising smarter living and sustainability. With inbuilt Wi-Fi and AI chips, appliances offer seamless connectivity and convenient management through SmartThings App. AI ensures longevity, notifying users of maintenance. Samsung aims to revolutionise the smart home experience, strengthening its premium portfolio in India’s digital appliances market, mid-day reported

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