5 things about AI you may have missed today: ‘Authentic’ declared word of the year; AI boosts Amazon deliveries, more

Global music fans are demanding authenticity of fare amid huge AI advancements; a Global coalition, including the US and the UK, has unveiled a landmark agreement for secure AI design; Amazon accelerates holiday deliveries with AI precision; Children creating AI-generated explicit images, warns UK charity- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look..

1. Global music fans demand authenticity amid AI advancements

The IFPI Engaging with Music 2023 report, the largest study of its kind with responses from over 43,000 people across 26 countries, reveals that 79 percent of music fans worldwide believe human creativity is indispensable in music creation. Fans demand pre-approved permission for AI to use artists’ music (76 percent), reject unauthorised cloning (74 percent), and support AI transparency (73 percent) in a rapidly advancing technological landscape. Authenticity emerges as a paramount concern amid AI’s evolving role in the music industry.

2. Global coalition, including US and UK, unveils landmark agreement for secure AI design

The United States, Britain, and over a dozen countries have introduced the first comprehensive international agreement to ensure the security of artificial intelligence (AI). Emphasising a “secure by design” approach, the 18 nations advocate for AI systems that prioritise safety. Though non-binding, the agreement outlines recommendations, including monitoring for abuse, safeguarding against data tampering, and vetting software suppliers. This marks a significant global affirmation that AI design must prioritise security over expedited market entry and cost competition, according to a Reuters report.

3. Amazon accelerates holiday deliveries with AI precision

During the holiday shopping frenzy, Amazon leverages artificial intelligence (AI) for its speediest deliveries yet, with packages ready for dispatch within 11 minutes of ordering. Using AI for route optimization, real-time adjustments to traffic and weather, and forecasting demand for over 400 million products, Amazon ensures swift delivery, handling over 110,000 packages daily during the season. The new system, Sequoia, enhances inventory processes, reduces order processing time by 25 percent, and, according to Amazon, has led to the creation of 700 new job types related to robotics, according to a CBS news report.

4. Children creating AI-generated explicit images, warns UK charity

Children are using AI image generators to produce indecent images of other children, warns the UK Safer Internet Centre. The charity received reports from schools and urged immediate action. While youngsters may be driven by curiosity rather than harm, creating such images is illegal under UK law. The charity stresses the need for collaboration between teachers and parents, emphasising the potential consequences, including online circulation and blackmail risks. Research indicates a knowledge gap, with students’ AI understanding surpassing that of many teachers, BBC news reported.

5. Merriam-Webster declares ‘Authentic’ word of the year amid AI-induced blurring of reality

Merriam-Webster names “authentic” as the word of the year, reflecting the increasing difficulty in distinguishing between real and fake in an era of misinformation and AI advancements. Searches for “authentic” surged in 2023, driven by discussions on AI, celebrity culture, identity, and social media. The term represents an aspirational quality amid a blurred line between reality and deception, with notable spikes in searches for “deepfake” and “X” related to Elon Musk’s statements, BNN Bloomberg reported.

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