5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI-powered tour guides to AI robot CEO, and more

Filipino travellers embrace AI-powered tour guides for trip planning; Waitrose uses AI to make successful Japanese food products menu; Polish Drinks Company appoints AI robot ‘Mika’ as experimental CEO; AI-generated naked child images shock Spanish town – this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Filipino travellers embrace AI-powered tour guides for trip planning

Filipino travellers like Anne Real, 35, are turning to AI tools for crafting travel plans. Anne uses ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, to create her travel itineraries. She found out about it through the Hangout Buddies online travel community group. ChatGPT serves as a helpful starting point, and Anne can easily customise suggestions by simply messaging her preferences. Others like Ric also praise ChatGPT’s efficiency, though some caution about its accuracy. Edel San prefers Google’s Bard for travel tips, emphasising the need for specific questions to get accurate answers, according to a Philstar Global report.

2. Waitrose uses AI to make successful Japanese food product menu

Waitrose’s new Japanese menu, featuring dishes like chicken karaage and prawn gyoza, owes their creation to Tastewise, an AI platform. By analysing menus, social media, and online recipes, this AI technology identifies food trends, aiding retailers in predicting future consumer preferences, The Guardian reported. While AI’s presence in the food industry has doubled since 2017, it offers valuable insights for businesses aiming to stay ahead of ever-evolving consumer tastes, bypassing the need for traditional market research methods.

3. AI-generated naked child images shock Spanish town

A Spanish town, Almendralejo, is reeling from the shock of AI-generated naked images of young local girls circulating on social media. According to a BBC report, these images were created by processing fully clothed photos from the girls’ social media accounts through an application that generates nude imagery. Over 20 girls aged 11 to 17 have reported being victims of this in or near Almendralejo. Police are investigating, with reports of local boys involved in creating and sharing these images. The incident has had a horrifying impact on the victims, with some becoming quite apprehensive, even reclusive.

4. India’s Attorney General pushes for nationwide hybrid hearings and AI integration in legal sector

India’s Attorney General, R. Venkataramani, advocates widespread adoption of the hybrid (virtual + physical) hearings across the country, emphasising the need for government investment and innovation. He views Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a natural extension of human intelligence and believes that the legal profession is prepared for such technology, provided misconceptions are addressed. Venkataramani welcomed foreign law firms in India, as he saw mutual benefit and wholesome competition that will eventually level the playing field, according to a CNBC TV18 report

5. Polish Drinks company appoints AI robot ‘Mika’ as experimental CEO

Polish drinks company Dictador has appointed an AI robot named ‘Mika’ as its ‘experimental’ CEO. While humans handle major decisions like hiring and firing, Mika’s role is primarily centred on selecting artists for custom bottle designs and strategic planning. The move is seen as a bold and revolutionary step by Dictador, with the robot relying on data analysis and an absence of personal bias to make decisions in the company’s best interests, according to the TOI report.

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