5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI not here to ‘take our jobs’, Tamil Nadu introduces AI mission, more

AI roundup: In recent AI news, S&P Global Market Intelligence President Adam Kansler said that AI will not take our jobs but it may create a demand curve and we have to go a long way to fully understand the technology. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu is embracing the path of technological innovation and has announced an Artificial Intelligence Mission for the development of the state. Know more about what is happening in the world of AI today.

  1. S&P Global Market Intelligence highlighted how AI could create a demand curve

In a recent interview, Adam Kansler highlighted that AI is not here to take our jobs or reduce human labour, however, it may create a demand curve which is yet to be discovered. Kansler said that the increasing productivity may lead to change in demand which also emphasises the need to understand the impact of this disruptive and valuable technology. He said, “Each year for the last decade, we’ve thought that technological advance would mean we needed 10% less people or 20% less people. Today, we have probably 40% more people working in those functions than we did,” according to The Economic Times report.

2. Tamil Nadu embraces AI for state development by introducing AI mission

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin will be leading the Tamil Nadu Artificial Intelligence Mission which will take advantage of the technology to drive development in the state. The step was taken to begin the journey of technological innovation and adopt new ways that can result in the state’s progress. This mission aims to focus on various sectors in the state and it will boast the adoption of new technologies such as AI, according to an ANI report.

3. Swecha Telangana to develop Swecha Gonthuka, an AI assistant which will train computers and smartphones

Swecha Gonthuka, an AI-based Telugu voice assistant, will be developed to train computers and phones to talk like humans. Developers are currently gathering Telugu voice samples to compile 10000 hours of voice data by the end of February. singer and composer Ram Miriyala among others, also took part in donating their voice to the AI assistant. Additionally, the company also hosted a concert where it encouraged public participation for voice donations stretching over 50 Telugu sentences, according to The Hindu report.

4. Integrit announces generative AI hardware device ‘Stella’

Integrit, an AI Robotics platform specialist, has introduced its first generative AI hardware device “Stella” which takes advantage of large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 and LLaMa to generate responses. It is designed to generate “customer queries and requests in high-noise environments and interacts with customers using various movements.” Stella also has the capability to recognize environments and customers. The device is backed by Qualcomm Technologies’ AP and comes with an on-device AI robotics platform AirPath, according to a press release.

5. Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia in race to dominate AI

In a recent report, it was highlighted that big tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and others will dominate the AI market due to increasing costs for development. The higher cost of developing AI will restrict startups from competing with leading computing companies and chip makers. Therefore, this can create dominance in this space of big tech companies. Sasha Haco, the chief executive officer of Unitary said, “We’ve had times when we can’t get access to what we need and so we have to pay 10 times the price,” according to a Moneycontrol report.

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