5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI does wildfire spotting, hallucination-free AI and more

The development in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) continues at a rapid pace. Firefighters in California recently used AI to spot wildfires and douse them, while LongShot AI announced the development of a system designed to ensure fact-checked text that is free of AI hallucination. Check out all this, and more in our AI roundup today.

1. California firefighters use AI to spot wildfires

Firefighters in California have turned to an AI program called ALERTCalifornia AI to spot wildfires. According to a Reuters report, the AI program feeds on videos from more than 1000 cameras that are placed in the state and alerts firefighters when to mobilize in case of wildfires. This program has already helped the first responders as it spotted a fire that broke out in the Cleveland National Forest and alerted the fire chief who called in seven engines, two bulldozers, two water tankers, and two hand crews. As a result, the fire was doused within 45 minutes.

2. Investors are overconfident on AI, warns strategist

With the AI industry now booming, investors are getting overconfident in their abilities to predict its impact in the long run, Mike Coop, Chief Investment Officer at Morningstar Investment Management told CNBC on Friday. Morningstar went to the extent of drawing parallels with the dotcom bubble of 1999. As per the report, Nvidia’s stock is up 190 percent, while Meta’s stocks witnessed a rise to 154 percent over the year. “And we’ve had a dawning awareness of how things have sped up in terms of generative AI. That has captured the imagination of the public and we’ve seen this incredible surge”, Coop said.

3. AR tech provider develops AI-based data collection system

Augmented technology provider WiMi Hologram Cloud on Friday announced the development of a data collection system based on an AI data modeling algorithm. As per the release, it is a comprehensive AI model that can collect and integrate data in different ways. It combines AI, data modeling, algorithms, and data collection. The company states that its system can provide enterprises with “more intelligent and convenient data services under the premise of ensuring data security, privacy, and confidentiality”.

4. LongShot AI launches system for fact-checking AI text

To ensure fact-checked and hallucination-free text is generated, LongShot AI announced the launch of an end-to-end system. According to the release, “It leverages advanced AI technology to streamline the content creation process, making it easier than ever to produce blogs, articles, marketing materials, and more.” The system is designed to work with content that is sensitive and ensure fact-checked content without the problem of AI hallucination.

5. Shaktimaan.ai raises $2 million in the initial funding round

AI-powered educational platform Shaktimaan.ai has raised $2 million in its initial round of funding, according to a report by the Financial Express. The company announced that a sizeable portion of that funding will be used to develop its large language model (LLM) for educational applications. Vimal Singh Rathore, CEO, Shaktimaan and Qoohoo said, “Shaktimaan is our answer to the challenges of affordability and accessibility of excellent education in India. The prospect of making a real difference keeps our entire team driven and inspired.”

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