5 Things about AI you may have missed: Elon Musk on when AI will outsmart us, meet first-of-its-kind AI engineer, more

AI roundup: In today’s top news on artificial intelligence (AI), billionaire and Tesla chief Elon Musk has grabbed attention with his views on the future of AI; US-based startup Cognition unveiled its AI software engineer called Devin, which can write and deploy codes. Check more AI news from today here.

Elon Musk says AI will be smarter than humans

A debate has been raging among experts about the future of AI and when it may actually beat humans across a number of metrics. Now, Tesla chief Elon Musk took to his X handle to highlight that AI will be smarter than humankind very soon. The post said, “AI will probably be smarter than any single human next year. By 2029, AI probably be smarter than all humans combined.” Musk made the statement after resharing the AI predictions video by Ray Kurzweil. 

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Meet Devin, the new robotic AI software engineer

Cognition a US-based company unveiled their first-in-kind AI software engineer, Devin, and it may well transform the way we write, debug and deploy code. With the help of prompts, the AI assistant can easily develop a functioning website or software program. The AI software engineer has already passed several interviews in the field and has completed freelancing jobs, according to a Moneycontrol report. 

Samsung to use a chip-making technology by big rival SK Hynix

With the growing demand for AI chips, Samsung Electronics is turning to the tech favoured by strong rival SK Hynix. It is reported that Samsung is facing challenges with non-conductive film (a chip-making technology). With the help of the Hynix mass reflow molded underfill (MR-MUF) method, they can overcome these challenges. The company has also invested in chipmaking equipment for MUF. However, Samsung itself has denied all such reports and said, “Rumours that Samsung will apply MR-MUF to its HBM production are not true,” according to a Reuters report.

Infosys’ vision is to empower several job roles with AI assistant

Infosys HR head stated that the company will be introducing AI assistant which will empower its 3.5 lakh employees such as engineers, consultants, or sales executives. It will help employees to become more productive and efficient with their tasks. Shaji Mathew, Group Head of Human Resource Development at Infosys said, “One important aspect of our vision and purpose in leveraging AI is Human + AI and not Human vs AI…For an AI era, the existing talent must be transformed for individuals to become AI-aware, AI-builders, and AI-Masters,” according to a Moneycontrol report. 

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Mobile app integrated with AI to identify kidney diseases

A startup named Hellokidney.ai has created a mobile application which claims to have the ability to detect and treat kidney diseases. the state government under the National Health Mission (NHM) has given the approval for the official launch of the app. Dr. Chinta Ramakrishna, a nephrologist from Guntur is the brains behind Hellokidney.ai. Now, with international partnerships and a strong vision, the company has created a powerful app, according to a TOI report. 

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