4 best AI-powered tools to create a website: Wix, GoDaddy, Jimdo, and more

Building a website is no small feat. It usually means people have to rely on web developers, graphic designers, and content creators and pay a hefty price to have their website built from the ground up or use a generic template-based website from platforms such as Wix, WordPress, and more. However, now you can do it yourself from the comfort of your home too! With the advancement in artificial intelligence (AI), you can give your business a boost or show off your stellar portfolio by letting AI custom-build a website for you. There are a lot of AI-powered website creator tools available in the market including Wix, GoDaddy, Jimdo, and more. Check out the 4 best AI-powered tools to create a website below.

1. Wix ADI

The Wix ADI tool is one of the earliest AI-powered to create a website. It supports a vast range of website formats including blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, photography, and more. It makes website building as simple as getting into an editor, answering a few questions, and then custom-build the website. You can even customize your own images, and also choose from many stock photo options offered by Wix. Wix ADI is available on all Wix plans, including the free subscription.

2. GoDaddy

One of the prominent website-building platforms, GoDaddy has undergone the AI revolution and now offers an AI-powered website-builder tool. To begin, users need to add a series of questions about the type, content, and layout of the website, as well as the services offered. It’ll then work its magic and generate a website for you! Using the editor, you can add pages, tweak SEO settings, change images, and much more. GoDaddy offers the AI builder free of cost but it generates an ad-supported website using the GoDaddy subdomain. Building a unique website on your own domain will cost you at least $11.99 a month.

3. Jimdo

Jimdo works similarly to Wix ADI, by letting users create their own websites within minutes! It features various layouts for content blocks on the website, and placement of elements such as images, videos, and text. You can even add a music player and contact information forms! While the basic Jimdo plan is free, it only offers you 5 subpages. Other plans start at $9 a month.

4. Durable

Want to create a website within 30 seconds? Durable promises to do so with AI magic! It is not limited to just building the website. The platform also offers an AI-powered blog writer and even an admin assistant. The best part is you don’t even need to create an account to build a website using Durable. Just open the AI-powered website builder, enter your business name, location, and industry, and your website will be ready! If you don’t like the AI-generated website on the first go, you can select the Regenerate option to get another one of your choice. Durable isn’t free, and its subscription starts at $12 a month for the Starter plan, while the Business plan will set you back $20 a month, but with added advantages.

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