10 key points to know about PhonePe’s Indus app store, the rival of Google Play Store

PhonePe, in a bold and strategic move, has announced the launch of the Indus Appstore developer platform, aiming to entice Android app developers with the prospect of zero platform fees or commissions for in-app payments. This move marks PhonePe’s determined stance to go head-to-head with Google Play Store in the app marketplace by introducing a homegrown app store.

Akash Dongre, Co-Founder of Indus Appstore, expressed his concern that app developers are currently confined to a single app store – Google Play Store – for distributing their apps. He pledged that this new offering would serve as a credible and localised alternative with enhanced app discovery and consumer engagement, PTI reported.

Here are 10 important things to know about PhonePe’s Indus Appstore:

1. PhonePe’s Challenge: PhonePe is a digital payments company, and it wants to take on Google in the app business. They have created the Indus Appstore to do this.

2. No Fees for Developers: PhonePe is promising Android app developers that they won’t have to pay any fees to use their platform. This means they can keep all the money they earn from in-app payments.

3. Made-in-India App Store: The Indus Appstore is proudly made in India. It’s their answer to Google Play Store, but it’s more focused on Indian users.

4. App Listings Are Free: For the first year, developers can list their apps on the Indus Appstore for free. After that, they will have to pay a small fee.

5. No Extra Charges for In-App Payments: Developers can choose any payment gateway they like for their apps. The Indus App Store won’t take any extra money for in-app payments.

6. Localised Experience: The app store will be available in 12 different Indian languages, so users can explore it in the language they prefer.

7. How to Get Started: Developers can register and upload their apps on the Indus Appstore through their website, www.indusappstore.com.

8. Launch Pad for New Developers: New developers will have a special place called “Launch Pad” where their apps can get more visibility and better search results.

9. Big Market Opportunity: India is expected to have over 1 billion smartphone users by 2026. This means there’s a huge opportunity for app developers in India.

10. Support and Tools: Indus App Store offers tools to help developers grow their apps. They have a customer support team in India that’s available 24/7. Also, developers can list their apps in Indian languages and make engaging videos to promote them.

In a time when Google and Apple’s app stores are facing criticism for their rules and fees, PhonePe’s Indus App Store wants to provide a more fair and local option for Indian app developers, initially at least. This could be a big step in making app stores more competitive and breaking the dominance of big tech companies.

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