10 Google Chrome extensions that can improve your productivity

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available, and it can be used to work on your tasks or to relax and enjoy. But the problem occurs when you get distracted by all the fun ways to spend time online and either slow down or delay your work. But to keep these distractions at bay and to be able to focus on your tasks at hand, you can take the help of productivity-focused extensions that are available on the Chrome web store. These extensions can boost your productivity and efficiency in a variety of ways. So, let us take a look at 10 Google Chrome extensions that can significantly boost your productivity.

10 Google Chrome extensions for productivity

1. Grammarly: If you spend a lot of time writing or doing tasks that involve typing, then you can use Grammarly to ensure that your write-ups are grammatically correct by using this extension. Grammarly is a free Chrome extension that helps you write better online. It provides real-time feedback on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as suggestions for improving clarity and style. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various platforms make it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking polished and error-free writing.

2. Snap & Read: Tailored for both students and adults, Snap & Read is a powerful text-to-speech Chrome addon designed to enhance reading experiences. It provides support for over 100 languages and simplifies complex vocabulary. With the ability to display images of words from the dictionary, users can achieve optimal readability by adjusting font size, spacing, and line length. Additionally, distracting elements from web pages can be easily removed, making the reading process more focused.

3. Briskine: Briskine is a free Chrome extension that helps you write faster and more efficiently. It provides a library of pre-written templates that you can insert into your emails, social media messages, and other online communications. You can also create your own templates and share them with your team.

4. Workona: Workona is a free Chrome extension that helps you organize your browser tabs and manage your workflow. It allows you to group your tabs into “spaces” based on your projects or tasks, making it easy to switch between them and keep track of everything.

5. Scribe: Scribe is a free Chrome extension that allows you to automatically create step-by-step guides from any process on your browser. It captures your actions and highlights and then generates a guide with screenshots, text, and links. Scribe is a great tool for creating training materials, onboarding new employees, and documenting your processes. It can also be used to share your knowledge with others and create step-by-step guides for customers.

6. Clockify: Clockify, seamlessly integrates into your web browsing experience, enabling you to effortlessly track your time and enhance your productivity. With the extension, you can easily start and stop timers for distinct tasks, generating comprehensive reports on your time usage. Clockify’s versatility allows you to track time for various purposes, including billing clients, monitoring project-specific time allocation, optimizing personal productivity, adhering to deadlines, and staying on top of your work schedule.

7. Todoist: Todoist’s Chrome extension empowers you to capture and organize tasks effortlessly. Whether you stumble upon an insightful article, encounter an intriguing recipe, or discover a must-read book recommendation, Todoist swiftly transforms these discoveries into actionable tasks.

8. Speechify: Embracing innovation, Speechify offers a text-to-speech extension experience for web pages, documents, and PDFs. Utilizing AI Neural TTS, it generates realistic and human-like voices in more than 50 languages. Users enjoy flexibility in adjusting voice speed, pitch, and volume, as well as choosing from different reading styles and voices for diverse languages. Keyboard shortcuts provide easy control over the playback.

9. Loom: Loom facilitates screen and camera recording. It allows users to share their recordings with others via a link or embed them in their website or blog post. Loom is a versatile tool that can be used for creating tutorials, explaining complex concepts, sharing thoughts and ideas, or producing personal videos like travel vlogs or family updates. Its features include screen and camera recording, link sharing, embedding in websites or blog posts, commenting and reacting to recordings, tracking viewership, and cross-platform compatibility.

10. Save to Google Drive: It simplifies the process of saving web content and browser screenshots directly to Google Drive. It provides a seamless integration with your web browsing experience, allowing you to save the current page or specific elements with ease. The extension offers various saving options, including entire images, visible images, raw HTML, MHTML, or Google Doc format. Additionally, you can customize the saving location and configure automatic conversion of Microsoft Office files or comma-separated files into Google Docs format.

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