PS5 Slim Requires Internet Connection to Install Disc Drive: Report

Sony’s slimmer and revamped PS5 console will reportedly need an online connection to set up its removable disc drive. As images of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 console bundle, slated for release on November 10, started popping up online, fans have spotted an interesting detail at the back of the box. First reported by the ‘Does it Play’ Twitter account, the disclaimer reads: “Internet connection required to pair Disc Drive and PS5 console upon setup” — it’s not clear whether it’s simply for the initial setup or whether the process has to be repeated every time the drive is removed and attached back.

As per a VGC report, Sony might be required to do an online check-in for verification purposes due to Section 1201 of the DMCA Act, which helps prevent piracy and third-party modifications. This ensures that the detachable disc drive is an official peripheral — whose daughterboard will pair with the PS5 console motherboard. While not explicitly mentioned, upon switching to a new disc drive, players might get asked to pair the two devices again, so a new digital handshake is formed. Game preservationists online have begun raising concerns about servers being offline during the pairing process. Of course, that’s not an issue now, but if Sony’s servers dedicated toward pairing and verification are taken down years ahead, players won’t be able to use their physical media.

Bear in mind that the aforementioned check will be performed regardless of whether you bought a 4K Blu-ray-equipped PS5 Slim or a Digital one and add a drive later down the line. Hopefully, Sony will update its terms to avoid the online connectivity stipulation in the future. An Xbox leak from September revealed Microsoft’s plans to release a mid-gen refresh for its Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, both of which boast an all-digital make that signals a massive departure from physical media on the consoles. Sony has yet to clarify the reasoning for an internet connection, in addition to dropping an official release date for the PS5 slim. That said, reports from earlier this month suggested that the 30 percent smaller variant will launch November 10 in the US, with a Spider-Man 2 bundle releasing two days prior.

The new PS5 slim (disc edition) is priced at $499.99 (about Rs. 41,599) — the same price as the original launched in 2020 — but comes with an upgraded 1TB SSD instead of the 825GB one. The remaining hardware stays identical, but the outer faceplate now features a black streak running horizontally. The upper half has a glossy finish, while the lower side of the console comes with the disc drive, officially branded by PlayStation. The Digital Edition is exactly the same, except for the lack of a disc drive, which can be purchased separately from authorised retailers. The PS5 slim Digital Edition is priced higher than the original version, going up from $399 (about Rs. 33,190) to $449.99 (about Rs. 37,440).

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