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Samsung introduced its first foldable smartphone in 2019, instantly making headlines across the world. The very next year, Samsung introduced two more category-defining smartphones that defied the barriers of smartphone design, offering a more versatile mobile experience than ever. The gravity-defying Galaxy Flip series impressed everyone equally. The Galaxy Z Fold series has revolutionized the smartphone industry by changing the way users interact with their mobile devices.

Whether you flip or fold, Samsung’s Galaxy Z smartphones offer a highly durable, connected, and immersive foldable smartphone experience unlike any other device out there. What’s more? Samsung is about to take things to the next level with a brand new set of foldable smartphones, set to debut at the next Galaxy Unpacked event.

First Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event in Korea – What to expect

Samsung is hosting its first-ever Galaxy Unpacked event in Korea on 26 July, 2023. The company’s new generation foldable smartphones, tabs, and watch are also expected to set new benchmarks, carry the legacy of their predecessors. Samsung is sure to pack these products with the latest in technology, ensuring today’s users get nothing but the best.

Let’s take a look at what makes Samsung’s foldable smartphones winners in its segment:

Unmatched user experience, unmatched productivity – Galaxy Z Fold Series

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series smartphones are made for those who are looking for a big-screen esxperience with zero compromises. The Galaxy Z Fold series smartphones offer a large display for work and play, without the need to carry a bulky device in the bag. From going through a large spreadsheet to watching your favourite movies and TV shows, these smartphones make everything easy and fun. Galaxy Z Fold smartphones offer PC-like multitasking features in addition to advanced camera technology, and are powered by powerful mobile processors. It’s like walking around with a mini supercomputer in your pocket all the time.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series is one of the most powerful smartphones out there. Last year’s Galaxy Z Fold4 shipped with Android 12L, a special version of Android created by Google, especially for a large-screen experience. Multitasking became more intuitive with new swipe gestures, and you could instantly switch full-screen apps to pop-up windows, or split screens. The list of things you can do with these smartphones is endless. One can only imagine what Samsung might bring to the table with the fifth-generation Galaxy Z Fold devices.

Ultimate self-expression tool for Gen Z – Galaxy Z Flip Series

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series smartphones are perfect for gen z. These come in a compact clamshell design that offers completely unique experiences, making them the ultimate tool for self-expression. For example, you can easily capture a hands-free video or full group selfies using a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone by simply partially folding it to activate FlexCam.

That’s not all, Galaxy Z Flip4 lets you capture high-quality selfies directly from the Cover Screen by using the main camera. These smartphones are perfect for content creators and video bloggers, and we can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store for us in the next-generation Galaxy Z Flip series. Galaxy Z Flip series is carefully crafted to be used truly hands-free, letting you do so much without even opening the phone. You can make calls, send texts, unlock a car, and control SmartThings directly from the Cover Screen.

Stay tuned as the world gets ready to Join the Flip on July 26, 2023

We can’t wait to see what Samsung will announce at the first-ever Galaxy Unpacked event in Korea on 26 July, 2023. We’re expecting a magical experience as the company continues to push the boundaries of the foldable segment. You can watch the live stream on Samsung’s official YouTube channel, starting at 4:30pm IST. You can also pre-reserve the next-generation foldables right now to receive benefits worth Rs. 5,000; or you could walk in your nearest Samsung Exclusive Store or retail outlet to avail the benefits. This way you can ensure you’re one of the first ones to get your hands on the brand-new Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones. To pre-reserve now, click here.

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