A Glance Into the Future: Lock Screens Like Never Before

Ever looked at your smartphone and wondered about the transformation it has undergone? Initially just a communication tool, it is now our newsroom, entertainment centre, and even a shopping mall! To use a cliché- the world rests in the palms of our hands. However, the lock screen as the front page of the mobile does not really grab our attention as being a major enabler of the internet. And why should it- it is only a frame to host a nice picture, isn’t it? Maybe so, but not now, not entirely!

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Lock Screens: The Silent Era

Decades ago, when the first touch phones emerged, the lock screen had a simple job: keep out the uninvited. It stood as a passive, impenetrable guard between the user and the device’s tons of data. We could also dress it up with images of things that we admired and wanted to hold dear to ourselves.

From Static to Interactive

With technological advancements, lock screens started to get smarter. Basic notifications like messages, missed calls, and alarm reminders made an appearance. This was a small but significant step, slowly shifting the lock screen’s role from just a security feature to an interactive panel.

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Glance Smart Lock Screen: The Power of Personalized Content

Then entered platforms like the Glance Smart Lock Screen, which saw this space as more than just a gateway. It recognised potential – a canvas waiting to be painted with tailored content. We spent some time using the Glance Smart Lock Screen on enabled devices to study just what it offers and were not disappointed.

An avid traveller might find the latest travel trends, tips, and beautiful destinations right on the lock screen. Sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, could get real-time match updates without delving into apps. These aren’t intrusive ads but are carefully curated pieces of information, designed to enrich user experience. Glance has even gone beyond content to add experiences in the form of hyper-casual gaming, shopping (although the catalogue is largely restricted to lifestyle products, particularly apparel currently) and even live game streams from popular games such as Fortnite, Valorant and a lot more! The most striking aspect is that it is all available on the lock screen, with great ease of discovery, for free for all those who have Glance-enabled devices. Currently this list sits with all Xiaomi, Realme, Motorola, Oppo and Vivo devices (the latter two have the updates experience on the lock screen), and most Samsung mobile devices.

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Partnerships: Tailored for You

Not just native experiences, through collaborations, like the one with Jio during high-energy sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and the IPL, Glance has amped up the user experience. Instead of just dishing out promotional content, users received updates they genuinely cared about, making the lock screen a space of real value. One will be able to get live cricket updates on the lock screen during upcoming cricket tournaments, including the Cricket world cup!

More Than Just A Lock Screen

The biggest takeaway from this evolution? The real estate of our phone screens has changed. What used to be an ignored, static ‘blind spot’ has emerged as a pivotal touchpoint.

For someone like Arjun, an entrepreneur, his lock screen via Glance gives him a snapshot of stock market trends. For Riya, a college student, she gets a quick briefing of current affairs before her morning class. The uses are endless basis a user’s preferences.

Looking Ahead

While there seems to be a long way to go for Glance to achieve the scale of experiences that will bring everything inside the phone on the lock screen itself, it’s time we view our lock screens not just as guards but as dynamic guides, ready to present the world at our fingertips. With Glance Smart Lock Screen, every glance is a journey – sometimes into the world, sometimes into oneself.

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