Michael Parkinson was on the right side of history

Michael Parkinson will be remembered for many things (Obituary, 17 August), but being one of the founding signatories of the Anti-Nazi League in the late 1970s reminds us that he stood on the right side of history.
Keith Flett
Tottenham, London

Like Roald Dahl (Letters, 13 August), EM Forster predicted the rise of AI and technology in his 1909 short story The Machine Stops, which I read with a year 11 class in the early 1980s. “How fanciful and unlikely,” we decided.
Margaret Harris
Isleworth, London

As a Labour party member, I’m confused. According to Rachel Reeves, the £1.3bn needed to end the two-child benefit cap would be unaffordable, but Keir Starmer is calling for an extra bank holiday should the Lionesses win on Sunday, with an estimated cost of £2.9bn (Report, 17 August).
Richard Price
Leyton, London

Re Eccles cakes and dead flies (Letters, 16 August), a delicacy in Scotland used to be “flies’ graveyards”: apple, currants and raisins between two layers of pastry.
Harry D Watson

Looking at the photo of A-level results celebrations (Report, 17 August), students are not jumping as high as they used to.
Toby Wood

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