Making an April fool of AI and Tory leaders

“One AI image depicted a person holding a handbag, smoking a cigar, with a shock of blond hair standing on end” (Boris Thatchill? Tories turn to AI to find their perfect leader, print edition, 1 April). Sounds like an anti-Marx brother.
Toby Wood

The Tory composite leader AI plan made for a good April Fools’ Day spoof, but it is not a new idea. In the 1990s, Norman Tebbit declared that the dream ticket would be his brain in Michael Heseltine’s body.
John Saxbee
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

Congratulations to Dr Ripa Lofol. After all that research and effort, she should be awarded an all-inclusive holiday on the wonderful island of San Serriffe. Virtually unchanged since 1977.
Gordon Cooper
Flackwell Heath, Buckinghamshire

Surely it was Arving Alarf who was responsible for much of the research?
Nick Murphy
East Bridgford, Nottingham

Having taken note of your advice (Have you washed your toothbrush lately? The surprising truth about how to keep your home truly clean, 30 March), I’m afraid I will now have to cancel my subscription to the Guardian as I will no longer have time to read it.
Tricia Meynell
Castle Carrock, Cumbria

So fitting that Thames Water finds itself up shit creek (Thames Water on road to state rescue amid investor standoff with Ofwat, 28 March).
Pete Bibby

Re “Businessman who donated £5m to Tories gets knighthood” (28 March), I’ve just sent them a fiver hoping for the same outcome.
Mick Beeby

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